Work Flow: How To Get An Office-Ish Mood

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I’m the freak who needs my space just ‘right’ before I start working.

To be entirely honest it’s actually obnoxious how annoying I am about my work flow energy.

Candles have to be lit, not too sweet, not too floral-y. Bossa nova or smooth jazz needs to be playing softly. I prefer the windows open a bit & lots of sunshine. My to-do lists needs to be laid out next to my day planner. Even my pen needs to be the right pen.

Call me psycho but I feel like a lot of people are like this?

It’s almost impossible for me to get into a creative flow if the mood is off in the office.

Here are five tips that never fail me:


If you follow along on Snapchat you know I love liquid…everything. From peppermint tea to green drinks to CALM magnesium powder, I’m a real liquid queen. Yes, I have to pee a lot but I feel like the struggle is worth the extra Perrier. You know? Anyway, when I’m working I like to have three drinks ( I KNOW, I KNOW I AM WEIRD ): TSC Detox Drink, cold brew coffee with almond milk and organic pumpkin pie spice, & either a smoothie or a green drink.

Having these three drinks is like a signal for me to sit down because I have my line up. Bizarre?


Ok, I’m verrryyyy specific about my glasses. Currently I’m loving two pairs: these Harry Potter-ish ones pictured ( Kendall Jenner initially wore some like this & I died for her ) & some tortoise-shell lined glasses ( they’re both by AC Lens ). Now is it just me or does it feel SO much like working when you have chic eyewear? I’m so much into chic eyewear right now that I even went old school & found a gold glasses chain. So yes, you can find me at my desk with my glasses around my neck. I swear, wearing my round glasses makes me feel smart AND sexy. The cool part about both of these glasses is that I’ve been wearing them outside the office too. Happy hour, coffee dates, brunch, errands, the works!

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Computer stand:

You’re all probably like “SHUT UP WE GET IT, LAURYN.” But I cannot stress how amazing a laptop stand is. Really though, it has helped with my posture. I am trying to get my whole family on this bandwagon. If you have a laptop stand, you totally understand this obsession. When I’m blogging, I NEED it.


We’ve talked atmosphere many times but I just want to really reiterate the importance of office atmosphere. Sometimes a bit of soft jazz & a tobacco/vanilla candle can make a world of difference. Sometimes I buy these bright yellow tulips from Whole Foods ( they’re like $8 dollars and just really brighten the whole house ). Adding them to my office creates a happy, pretty vibe.

Also, having the right pen, the proper desk calendar, file folders, highlighters, and stapler handy help too.

One thing to point out: I like a clear desk. I used to have so much shit on my desk. Not anymore. I keep it simple with my to-do list, a candle, & my computer. A clean desk= a clean mind.

During work hours, I realllly clear it off. Is anyone else like this? Desk clutter just doesn’t work for me when I’m trying to bang stuff out.

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Distractions JUST DON’T WORK FOR ME:

Don’t laugh. I have a tomato kitchen timer. In my office. It times my tasks so I can get more work done. For instance, if I’m working on e-mails, I’ll give myself 40 minutes exactly before I stop. The tomato timer ensures I STOP at 40 minutes.

Have a cute sign hanging on your door that says ‘do not disturb’ OR prop it up at your desk. It really sends the message, LOL.

When people come in & out of the office loudly, it can be so distracting. Create a boundary!…in the nicest way possible.

& lastly, put your phone in the other room. I’ve had to learn the hard way on this one MANY, MANY, MANY times. Just leave it in the other room. It’s a huge, fat distraction.

Seriously every time I’m at the office I utilize these tips & maybe I’m nuts but I swear, they help the work flow.

Anyone else have any tricks or tips? Do tell.

lauryn x

SHOP MY FAVORITES: round specks | tortoise-shell glasses | gold chain | candle | day planner | TSC Book | gold stapler

+ this post is in collaboration with AC Lens— all opinions are my own. 

work flow | by the skinny confidential

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18 Replies to “Work Flow: How To Get An Office-Ish Mood”

  1. I just have to say I am the exact same way. Sometimes, I try to act like the ambiance for my office doesn’t matter, but I end up not getting anything done if it’s like that. I also hate having to skype a new client and my office looks disorganized in the background! I have been burning a fireside scent, I am like you with the not too sweet stuff. I’m going to buy that candle is sounds perfect!
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  2. How long have you been using the calm magnesium powder? I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and I am looking for some ways to deal without medication. Anything you can recommend?

  3. A stunning work space! Beautiful and practical!! I too adore little touches such as inspirational messages on stationary materials. A plant and candle are must-haves in my home office, and I keep it a very organized and clutter free space.

  4. I have a laptop stand too, and I love it. One thing that has helped my husband and I both (we both have home offices) is that we have white boards. I don’t try to necessarily make a schedule for myself for the day, but I write the top items that I want to accomplish for the day. It help me to be able to stay focused on the goal. Thanks for sharing!