Valentine’s Day Inspo

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.

This is love, this is la la la-la love…<3

Need a little V-day inspo?

I’m your gurlllll.

We got chocolate x raspberries, a little table set-up,

Check out this Valentine’s inspiration, TSC-style:

\\ Two ingredient heart fudge…because YUM.

\\ How to set a fun little V-day table.

\\ Kombucha spritzers are the perfect cocktail to celebrate with your lova.

\\ & with heart shaped ice…with berries? I’m in.

\\ For a quick romantic treat: stuff some raspberries with dark chocolate chips…& chill some champagne. Add some whipped cream strawberries for an added touch.

\\ If you’re an early bird, wake up & make your hunny bunny this bomb-ass breakfast.

Please share below any cute/pretty Valentine’s Day ideas…I’m to figure out WTF to do for Michael. Need ideas ASAP. & you guys always kill it with your idea, so please share, share!

Stay tuned for some festive cookies later tonight too,

mwah, x, Lauryn

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.


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11 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Inspo”

  1. I bought 14 pairs of panties in various styles. I tied a paper tag around each one with my fav body part of my bf and why it’s my fav. All very sexual and fun. He gets to pick which panty he wants to see first!

  2. Booked us a couples massage for Sunday 🙂 We both work today but Sunday afternoon is when we usually relax over the weekend, side by side massages make it extra special. Plus he insists that vday is really just girlfriend appreciation day, so he takes care of t

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