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gifts for friends family boyfriend girlfriend skincare tech guide by tscHey guys, plot twist today.

I went to the members behind The Skinny Confidential– the people who help with the inner workings of the behind the scenes.

Some of the members freelance so we weren’t able to get everyone’s gift lists, but these are the people who work on the day-to-day & in the office.

All of these people are fucking badasses. They help make sure everything happens quickly, effortlessly, & seamlessly. I would not be able to have this brand without this amazing team.

Today they’re going to share their 3 gifts that they like to give ( I also included my 3 favorite gifts ).

We love to hear from the community so we can get ideas & be inspired. You guys always have the best suggestions so be sure to tell us what gifts you love to give.

With that, let’s introduce our first team member, Val. She’s the manager of TSC & my right-hand man. She coordinates content, works on growth & strategy & is hyper-organized. She makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Mimi ( my sister ) works on the creative side of TSC. Her taste is extremely youthful & she helps us with everything from graphics to Instagram to Instagram Stories to the newsletter. She’s also a major help when it comes to my day-to-day.

Emily is my left-hand man. She manages my calendar, helps coordinate giveaways & helps me with a lot of personal assistant type things.

Hilary is my freelance editor. She helps coordinate content & does final reviews. She also helps with links & formatting.

Michael is my husband & doesn’t work on TSC but is a co-host of the podcast & co-founder of Dear Media.

Lydia & Brooke are both graphic designers. They totally get what’s in my head & always deliver TSC branded images & graphics.

George has been with TSC since the beginning. He helps with so much back end stuff for running the blog, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m sure you’re all running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off – I know I am. Trying to balance podcasting, interviews writing posts, moving, buying presents & traveling is just insane. it’s just so much easier if the whole situation is streamlined. You can get all these gifts before Christmas, so happy reading….


Glam Glow Masks

Whether you’re just getting started with skin care or you’ve got your 10 step routine down in your sleep, this set is a winner. I’m someone who loves trying it all. If you go to dinner with me expect me to share everything. That’s why I’m obsessed with this kit. You get to try a wide variety of masks and find what works for you. Who doesn’t want to receive the gift of glowing skin?

Car Oil Diffuser & Essential Oils

Imagine you’re cruising down the freeway listening to some smooth jazz while a bright blend of lavender & orange essential oils mist around you. Feels pretty relaxing, right? No room for road rage here. This car diffuser & oils set are a must for anyone who drives around. It’s honestly probably my favorite purchase of 2018. Once I got it for myself I ended up getting it for all of my friends. Whether you’re stuck in traffic commuting to work or picking up kids from school, make your car an oasis. It almost feels like a spa on wheels.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Everyone has untapped potential and creativity within them. Learning how to tap in and express that opens up so many possibilities. The Artist’s Way can help everyone harness their creativity. I learned so much from this book and often refer back to it. One of the biggest tips is The Morning Pages. It helps to declutter my mind and get me focused for the day. I think this book is a great piece to add in everyone’s collection.


Georgia Louise Sheet Mask

When Lauryn & I were in NYC for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I was graced with the opportunity to get a facial by Georgia Louise. This was probably the best facial of my entire life. If you ever go to NYC, you have got to go to Georgia Louise Atelier for a facial and ask for Taylor. She was amazing. They used these sheet masks with this Georgia Louise GloPulse Quick Ion Enhancer, which sends galvanic current through the mask ( galvanic current uses positive and negative ions to help heal, stimulate, and penetrate ingredients safely into the skin without the use of needles ). Also, Taylor used Dr. Barbara Sturm hyaluronic serum– my face has never, EVER looked so glowy ( here ). All the Victoria’s Secret models use her products, SO that explains why their skin literally looks like it is under a diva light 24/7.

Amazon Alexa Lightbulbs

Michael & Lauryn have these all through their house, so I’ve been very spoiled and gotten way too used to talking to the lights. If you don’t have these or haven’t tried them, they’re seriously life-changing. You literally just tell the lightbulb what to do: “dim the lights, turn off the lights, turn on the lights”. It’s so efficient, you don’t even have to get out of bed ( my ideal Sunday ).

Bed Wedge

I can never find the right position in bed to read. It’s always so uncomfortable & something is always hurting. I found this while late night shopping and now it has to be in my life. It transforms into all these different positions so you can read comfortably in bed. ( I also like to work in bed so this as a lap desk is great for my computer. ) They also say sleeping with your head and feet elevated is great for blood flow, so this is something that’s great for your overall health.


Mario Badescu Tightening Mask

You may have heard Lauryn mention the Super Collagen mask by Mario Badescu in previous blog posts. Well, it was given to her by yours truly on her 27th birthday. That’s a total guess- I have no idea which birthday it was. Anyway, I also love their Tightening mask before a night out. It’s like a 12 hour facelift and such a treat every time.

Origins 5 Star Faves Gift Set

I’ve never found an origins product I didn’t like. My mom has been putting skin care in my stockings my whole life and I’ve always looked forward to new Origins skin care every Christmas morning. They use natural, toxic-free ingredients that all smell and feel as good as they are for your skin. This gift set is a great way to introduce origins to a friend or family member!

sk8mafia Windbreaker Jacket

Have you ever seen those sweatshirts that the Vanderpump Rules cast ( mostly Scheana and her current boyfriend lol ) is always wearing “JSLV”? Well, they have a brother company, sk8mafia, who has this wind breaker jacket that gives me such Yeezy vibes! Trust me, it’s a great gift for your trendy friends who like to keep it original.


Sangre de Fruta Botanicals

Anything by Sangre de Fruta makes an amazing gift. Their body cream is so thick & melty- feels so good after a hot bath ( my favorite is the Melaleuca & Frank ). Not only is this body cream super luxurious, it’s also healing! I travel a ton & almost every time I step off the plane, I’m left with some skin issue. Two nights of sleeping with this on & my skin is healed. Every single one of Sangre de Fruta’s products has no nasties & the glass jars are so sleek.

HAY Kaleido Trays

I’m in love with these trays. There are so many colors & sizes at every price point so you don’t have to spend a fortune. They’re great to give someone for their home or office. The best thing about these is you could give 1 or 5. They all interlock & fit into each other in different ways. You can’t go wrong with a big black or white one & a small one with a pop of color. They can be used as decor, for beauty products or for food.

Custom Gift Bag

I think it’s so cute to make up a gift bag of 3 or 4 little things- minis from Sephora, along with a candle or an essential oil. Some things I like to add are: a small pack of peel pads, Dr. Jart Water mask ( it’s THE BEST ), nail polish, maybe a Beauty Blender. I try to keep it neutral & useful.


Lauryn here. I’m speaking for Michael because he just told me his 3 favorite things.

Bose Noise-cancelling Headphones

Oh weird, Michael has copied me again. No surprise there. These are bomb headphones though. We both bring them everywhere with us. Michael likes to use them before bed to listen to books, a podcast or a meditation.

The Nest Video Camera

Michael loves to spy on the dogs with this & make sure there’s no intruders in our home. It updates him the second there’s any movement in our house.

Sonos System

He loves to give this as a gift. We use it all throughout our house. It’s awesome to play music & has Alexa built right into it.


Lulu Lemon Vinyasa Scarf

Not only can you wear this scarf SEVEN different ways, but it can pull literally any outfit together. Whether it’s leggings & a sweatshirt, or a pair of jeans & a sweater, it upgrades any look. Not to mention, it’s under $50!

Anthropologie Resin Statement Earrings

Statement earrings that capture the perfect balance between subtle & bold that anyone is sure to love! They’re not too clunky, but not too dainty either- making them perfect to pair with almost anything!

Madewell Ribbed Texting Gloves

Because who couldn’t use a pair of texting gloves? Plus, they’re cute AND warm!


Mini Waffle Maker

This mini waffle maker is PERFECT for while elephant gifts & gifts for coworkers. You can also give this gift with some waffle mix.

Summer Tie

What’s worse than wearing a suit in the hot summer? My boyfriend, dad & boyfriend’s dad all have to wear suits to work year round. This fun tie makes it a little more enjoyable.

3 or 6 month Birchbox Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving. This can be tailored to the guys or gals in your life.


Hope and Help For Your Nerves

This is a great book. It’s basically step-by-step for how to calm panic & anxiety. It’s a great gift because most people suffer from some kind of anxiety in their lives.

Mosaic Party Glasses

These are a cool gift for your guy friends. They’re fun but not too sentimental. Great for a NYE party or party any time of year.

TSC Phone Cases

I like to give the women in my life TSC phone cases. They’re durable & very good quality. They’re funny, pink, and always a big hit.

Pixy & Boone

Doggy Dental Wipes

These doggy dental wipes are a must if you have a dog. They’re minty & Pixy and Boone love them. You simply take the wipe & brush it over your dog’s teeth. I do it very calmly and it works like a charm. These are great for dogs of any size, but especially small dogs. These are so cute to bring to your dog-loving friends & family.

Pet Stroller

Michael & I use this all the time for Pixy & Boone. I’m always carrying a million things like my laptop, 56 drinks, keys, phone, so it’s perfect to fit all my stuff & the dogs. It makes Pixy & Boone  feel like Royals too. We have the camo one.

Pumpkin Fiber

I’ve been giving Pixy & Boone pumpkin for ages, but I’m loving this lately. It’s like this pumpkin fiber. You just add a bit to their food & it gives them tons of benefits- even if your dogs are regular already, pumpkin is still so good for digestion, weight control & urinary tract. You could pair this with some doggy dental wipes, or a cute dog toy.


Cloud Hunter Co. Gift Box

I’m obsessed with these Cloud Hunter gift boxes. There are already made boxes to choose from or you can have one custom made. You can even get a robe embroidered– I have one that says Boss. You can also add these chic, pink silk scrunchies, bath salts, & candles. There are so many ways to go here.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

AKA…The Kardashian blanket. I’m OBSESSED with this blanket.

Here’s how I fell in love: we were in Aspen with our friends & after dinner went back to their place to watch Wes Anderson movies. Gillian was telling me about the blanket she was all curled up in. How it’s her favorite, it’s so soft, she wraps her son up in it & how all the Kardashians travel with it. She let me borrow it while we watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou & I knew I was never turning back. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BLANKET. I was instantly obsessed. Two weeks later the blanket was on my doorstep- Gillian had gifted us me one.

Michael went on to order 3 more because the dogs & I just can’t spare a measly corner for him.

This is one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received, therefore, it’s one of the best gifts to give. It’s just so comfortable & chic. It’s soft, big ( good for tall people ) & meant to be used. This isn’t some decorative throw- you guys need to USE this. Once you touch it, you’ll get it.

Basil Candle

When I went to Glossier in NYC, there was this smell throughout the entire building. I NEEDED to know what the smell was- it was sooooo good. I tracked down the girl at the front desk & she said it’s this special candle that everyone loves. Everyone asks what the smell is when they walk in. It was this Cire Trudon Basil candle, almost burnt down to its last little drop.

It’s described as a mint tea, gingery, peppery scent but seriously… it’s basil.

It’s a little expensive but makes a great gift. The scent is so beautiful- not too strong, not too sweet. It’s the most perfect smell and I swear everyone will like.

I highly recommend wrapping this up in a super cute way & giving it with a mini bottle of pink champagne. I think it’s such a chic gift.

Please tell us below what gifts you love to give. I always want to know what you guys are up to.

Honestly, this year, I’m so incredibly impressed with my team. We all have such an amazing vibe going on. If you guys want to see more behind the scenes, let me know. Maybe we’ll start some kind of weekly series.

With that, I hope your’e all keeping cool as a cucumber during this hectic season.

Happy holidays, ( don’t go insane )!

x lauryn,

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