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If you haven’t tried silicone straws, you haven’t lived really.

Sorry, they’re just THAT good.

Especially when they’re chic as shit, like these ones.


They’re so perfect in so many different ways I don’t even know where to begin.

Before you judge me with judge-y, Ramona Singer eyes ( granted, yes it’s a bit weird to dedicate a whole post on…straws, but that’s me, HI ), WAIT.

Actually a full post on straws is SO necessary, because after reading this post you will be checking out on Amazon faster than Susan at the airport.

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( Firstly, we have to go there: this is very much NOT sponsored. I use these straws every damn day. You know this if you hang out with me on Snapchat ( @laurynevarts ). Snapchat is cool because it’s just real life shit. Nothing is filtered, everything is what you’re actually doing, AND I feel like when you guys message me, we’re kind of like texting? It’s hands-down the most unbelievable platform there is in regards to engagement. Speaking of that, CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO Michael & I filmed on branding, blogging, & realness ).

Ok, let’s get back on track: SOFTY STRAWS.

Not just any straw but silicone, hot pink & baby blue REUSABLE straws ( insert pink manicured Emoji, K? ).

These straws can go in any drink, really.

Favorite ways to use them…EVERYDAY…are in:

♡ my iced cinnamon/turmeric SEXED UP cold brew ( very much worth preserving the whiteness of your teeth ).

green smoothie. Everyday I make a leafy green drink. Usually this consists of tons of veggies, berries, random shit ( local bee pollen, magic seeds, turmeric root, fresh ginger, you get it ). These straws are ALWAYS in my big glass jar.

♡ my every second addiction: sparkling water. Sparkling water is like hot sex, you just can’t get enough. The canned slim grapefruit Perrier is a SERIOUS addiction. I can imagine drinking out of a can isn’t the best thing in the world but at least it’s not Diet Coke and AT LEAST I have my perfect straw.

TSC Pink Detox Drink. Without a doubt you will always find one of these pretty silicone straws in my kick-in-the-ass AM drink. Lemon & apple cider vinegar tend to yellow the teeth, hence the straw.

♡ margaritas…trust me. Plus they look cute & real festive.

♡ juices ( even store-bought juice ). Especially spicy lemon juices like this one:

silicon straw benefits 3 | by the skinny confidentialOther things to point out: Softy Straws are BPA & lead-free. Normally straws are full of BPA ( most plastics are too ) which are filled with nasty, hormone interrupting chemicals. Silicone is the way to go ( …eer, I can’t say the same about my tits though, HA— #saline ).

Other STRAW ATTRIBUTES…can straws have attributes? Well, sure they can:

+ high quality, non plastic, 100% food grade
+ safe for all ages due to soft, non teeth chipping
+ BPA free, BPS free, Phthalate free, PVC free
+ non-toxic, non-leaching, taste-less non metallic taste, odor, & stain resistant
+ they’re not overly hot when drinking hot beverages & not freezing cold when drinking smoothies
+ they’re WIDE & LONG…phallic, no?

As far as cleaning goes, you can wash them in the dish washer or by hand. I even went crazy & bought a damn straw cleaner. Look at me, Suzy f-ing Homemaker, knowing all there is to know about STRAWS. Hmm.

Also, if you’re a mommy, your kids will LOVE these. I would even add them to the kid’s lunchbox. Oh, & babies will go crazy ( when can babies actually drink out of straws? ). These reusable silicone straws are soft & really just the PERFECT texture. You won’t understand until you try them.

Once you go silicone, you’ll never go back to gross-ass, striped ghetto drugstore straws.

Oh, & they’re $9.99…for a 4-pack. Get wild.

Love you all,

The silicon straw queen- lauryn x

+ glass straws are also GREAT but I like the silicon better on my teeth.

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silicon straw benefits 8 | by the skinny confidentialsilicon straw benefits | by the skinny confidential


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43 Replies to “SILICONE…STRAWS. & OH EM GEE You Need One (Or 4)”

  1. Yay! This is such a great update on glass straws – thanks for sharing!

    Actually, it’d be really cool to see a #TSCrevisited series. Things like the medical massage, face shaving, your daily herbs/supplements, your ACV addiction and the love of Vit E oil… Like, what have you kept, what have you ditched and what’s new?

    Just an idea 🙂

  2. Just wanted to ask if you tried the Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste? People say it’s supposed to be a good alternative to the “nasty” ones….haven’t tried, I just found out about it now ??? (weird name though, but might be worth trying it)

    Keep up the good work, love your blog and snapchats (and insta) ❤️

  3. I Love this post because I actually use silicone straws too! I mentioned them in a favorites post a while back. They are PERFECT for drinking a smoothie because they are wider. The skinny straws feel like a workout when you are trying to drink a smoothie with them. Anyways, i whole heartedly agree with this post!! Thanks Lauryn!

  4. Are silicon straws okay for hot drinks or would glass straws be better? For some reason I always thought that the heat would release nasty chemicals from silicon or something.
    Thanks for the recommendation – definitely need for my morning commute smoothies!

  5. Love grapefruit Perrier <3 I have to drink everything out of a straw and usually just get a giant pack of plastic ones buttttt you may have officially convinced me to splurge on that BPA Free Glass and some silicone straws.
    Diana recently posted..Lemon Pepper CodMy Profile

  6. Just want to say how awesome you are to actually respond to snap chat. It is totally like we are texting and you are the only blogger to do that! thanks for being down to earth and cool about that!

  7. I’ve been looking high and low for good silicone straws and these (and many others on Amazon) don’t ship to Canada! Any tips for us Canadian followers who don’t want to kill our teeth with iced Americano and green smoothies???

  8. Hahaha this post is just TOO good! Love it and already check out on Amazon – and unfortunately, unlike Susan I am not checked out of an airport, I am sitting in one with a four+ hour delay lol
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. How do you wash these straws? Throw them in the dishwasher? I hate plastic straws but sometimes I feel like reusable straws don’t get clean. Are these wide and long enough(lol) that you aren’t worried?

    1. Hi Maria, I don’t know what it is about silicon, but honestly they don’t get as much stuck to them as other materials do. I always rinse them out when I finish using them, just under running water in a sink or with a water bottle. Then I throw them in the dishwasher too! I’ve never had a problem. :))
      Lauryn recently posted..The Business Of Blogging, Snapchat, How To Brand YourselfMy Profile

  10. Congrats on your ever expanding empire, you rock! Love the new site. One tip about straws, overdoing it will eventually lead to smokers wrinkles around the mouth from the constant pursing. Don’t mean to be a downer, but it is something to consider,

    1. Hi Sandrina, you’re so sweet. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. Also, such a great tip regarding pursing the lips! You’re so right!! How often do you think you have to use a straw to get wrinkles from it? Also, essential oils are great for combating wrinkles. Thanks for reading! xx
      Lauryn recently posted..The Business Of Blogging, Snapchat, How To Brand YourselfMy Profile

  11. I’m embarrassed to say that as soon as I read this post I immediately ordered the straws (blue was sold out so i could only get pink…annoying), and the mason jars, and lids. Self control? I think not. Also I saw the entire reasoning for amazon prime immediately as it took them days to ship but then arrived within 24 hours. I just wanted my new goodies!

  12. Hey y’all, I got that free set k seen on here a few days ago. They came with little cute brush. My partner the brush was like the one his doctor use used to check his thingy. But anyway. . Ok, Bye Girl.