Sexy, Scary Skeleton Makeup Tutorial That ANYONE Can Do At Home

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I’m a day late & a dollar short on this post but I couldn’t NOT show you guys how we created this spooky, sexy skeleton look.

This look is SUPER easy to create at home ( it seems overwhelming but trust me, it’s not ). Firstly, this look was inspired by cutie Lauren Paul on Instagram. She is so beautiful & I loved how she rocked this with a casual men’s black hooded sweater.

Kelsey, who’s one of my FAVORITE makeup artists, created this at-home skeleton look by using the following products:

+ Products used:

Ben Nye Character Base CB-3 Skeleton White.

NYX eye shadow in “Whipped Cream.

Blacktrack Fluidline Gel Liner.

+ Brushes/Tools: Beauty Blender.

188 Face Brush 242 Small Shader brush252 Large Shader brush209 eyeliner brushes.

+ Cover entire face and neck with Ben Nye character base using beauty blender.

+ Set character base with NYX eye shadow using a 188 brush and press, then “dust” powder onto the skin.

skeleton tutorial at home | by the skinny confidential

+ Use a 242 or 252242 is smaller and more precise ) to outline the orbital bone of the eye and fill in completely with Blacktrack Fluidline.

+ Continue to use Blacktrack as you “contour” your cheekbones and jawline.

+ Using a 209 brush, paint the Blacktrack in a line from the contour of the cheek to the mouth.

+ Use the same 209 brush to outline the nose.

+ Still using the 209 BRUSH, create “teeth” by painting a vertical line down the center of the top lip.

+ For the neck, take Blacktrack ( using the 242 or 252 brush ) and create 3 separate “bar” shapes on both the right and left side of the neck, leaving the center of the neck untouched by Blacktrack.

+ At the center of neck, create a thick “v” shape. You can outline and contour the clavicle, it just depends on how far down the neck and chest you plan on going when creating your costume.

+ For touching up the white, use NYX shadow & dab any areas that need correcting.

By the way, we shot this post a month & a half ago so I was still very swollen. Bear with me. I’m sure it would look better than it looks on you than on me!! LOL.

Just for the record, Kelsey is an artist too ( which is why she’s so good at makeup ) AND while we were filming I picked her brain about the best makeup product. She told me she is obsessed with the Beautyblender. NO SURPRISE there because we all know how I’m in loveeeee with the BB. I could not do my makeup without it. SERIOUSLY though, it’s my favorite thing ever.

Anyway, follow Kelsey on Instagram at @kelsey2885 for more rad makeup looks.

More tutorials to come!

Hope you all had a safe, champagne-filled Halloween.

– lauryn x

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