There is nothing worse than waking up with a hangover. Especially when it’s a hangover from only a glass or two of wine. Seriously tell me what’s worse.

Well, I have a preventative measure… but first, let’s set the scene:

There you are at 6 pm, pouring yourself a glass of chilled rosé while making some cauliflower thins & avocado. You’re enjoying the wine so you pour yourself another glass then you go to bed around 10 & wake up with a headache. Like the psycho that I am I had to investigate why the hell I would wake up with headache from just a glass or two of wine. Like, this is not ok.

I’ve tried so many different wines from all over the world, & I feel like I’ve finally figured it out: a lot of companies add shit to their wine. This means additives, aromas, colors, flavor alterations, sulfites & SUGAR. Yes. added. sugar. in. your. wine. So it’s no surprise that after two glasses you wake up with a headache because it’s basically like you had two Snickers bars. It’s disgusting that we buy we buy a bottle of wine from Italy & think there’s no sugar added when there’s actually up to 40 grams.

Anyways, as you know, I recently had my friend Katie of The Wellness Mama on TSC podcast & she told me all about this company called Dry Farm Wines. The reason I was IMMEDIATELY interested is because they deliver it right to your door monthly – you know I love a delivery. Also, you can guarantee their wines:

♡ are natural, sustainable & biodynamic.

♡ are farmed & made using traditional wine making practices.

♡ have no chemical additives for aroma, color, flavor or texture enhancement.

♡ have no or minimal filtering/fining.

♡ have no or minimal addition of SO2 (sulfites).

♡ have no commercial yeast for flavor alteration.

♡ use minimal intervention in the vinification and aging.

To take it a step further I researched & learned about how specific they are about choosing their wines & they only procure authentic, natural wines.

THEN I TOOK IT EVEN FURTHER…. & got on the phone with the owners. They educated me about their wine, it’s low alcohol percentage & why there’s so much sugar & sulfites added to other wines. I told them that I love red wines from Italy, love rosé, & so they sent me some wine to try. They just get it.

It was time to put it to the test- always wanna human guinea pig myself for you guys. I had TWO HEAPING GLASSES of a Tuscan red, ate how I normally ate & went to bed.

The next morning, nothing. Not even a speck of a headache. I didn’t even increase my water intake. So I decided to have my sister Mimi & best friend Westin try it ( don’t mean to brag but Westin knows his shit when it comes to alcohol & Mimi loves her wine, so they were the perfect people to test it out ).

They both said….. NO HANGOVER.

Some more fun facts about Dry Farm Wines:

♡ they use an independent certified enologist to test all wines so they can guarantee the wines are SUGAR FREE ( thank the lord ).

♡ they ensure every wine meets strict standards of health & purity ( we don’t want a bunch of shit in our wine that doesn’t need to be there ).

♡ they work with small family farmers to offer wine that’s grown & made the way nature intended.

♡ they support small, organic, natural wine growers with fair trade pricing.

♡ they verify a lower alcohol content & sulfites.

I want to talk about the lower alcohol content for a minute… having a shot of hard liquor is not the same as enjoying a glass of wine. SIPPING on a drink with a lower alcohol content gives your liver time to process the alcohol & it doesn’t overwhelm it. There’s such a fine line with drinking because in moderation it can be so beneficial ( less stress, lower inflammation, reduced risk of stroke & dementia ), but in excess it can be so deadly & really bad for your brain.

It’s nice to know that Dry Farm Wines never source wines that have more than 12.5% alcohol so you can really enjoy an evening glass of wine without going too far, ya know?

There aren’t a lot of companies that seem to be able to make these same claims. & not only that, I also feel there aren’t a lot of owners that care the way these owners care. To hop on the phone with them to hear their whole story was so interesting to hear & you can tell it’s their passion & craft to bring quality wine to customers everywhere.

Personally, I’m now a fan & felt like i needed to share this brand with you guys because it’s very TSC-esque. If you’re interested in checking them out just click here, then click SHOP & choose your delivery frequency, red, white or mixed, & then how many bottles you’d like. Done! I highly recommend the reds.

Anyways, stalk Dry Farm Wines & see for yourself.

That’s my spiel on wine. Thought you guys would love to know all these interesting factoids. I’m off to pour my first glass of the night & enjoy some cauliflower thins.

x, lauryn



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