How To Reapply Sunscreen Without F-Ing Up Your Makeup

Well, SHIT!

This post has been a long time coming. A QUESTION I get frequently, one that slides into my DM’s is: HOW DO YOU APPLY SUNSCREEN WHEN YOU HAVE MAKEUP ON?

This is honestly a hard question for me to answer. For a while I did the whole sunscreen powder thing but I felt like my makeup was flaking off a bit. I’ve also done the old reapply sunscreen move on top of my make up. But that’s no fun- especially because it screws up my makeup. HOWEVER recently I discovered sunscreen MIST.


Doesn’t something about the word ‘mist’ make you feel whimsical & vibey? I love it. Anyway, moving right along. Let’s get into the whole mist thing, K?

supergoop spf sunscreen importance by the skinny confidential

This setting mist is ideal for touching up throughout the day- one that you can throw in your bag & GO. Of course I like to use sunscreen first ( not a mist ), then apply the makeup, & go. But later in the day around 2 pm- the mist is IDEAL. In fact, it’s perfect. You can even mist your neck, chest, shoulders- you know I go crazy & even do my arms.

Well sometimes. Not yesterday. Yesterday I was wearing driving gloves. But that’s a different story for a different day?

To break it down even further for you- let me set the scene. Here’s a quick breakdown:


If you’re crazy like me you can do the mist around 2 pm…& then mist it up around 4 pm. The smell is perfect…hello rosemary & mint. It’s perfect for those you who don’t love deodorant ( ME!!! ).

I HOPE THIS POST WILL REMIND YOU ONCE AGAIN: to bring the sunscreen situation down. So many women cover their faces but forget their chest! Hands! Neck! Arms! Boobs! I am a big fan of applying sunscreen everywhere. Like I even went as far as tinting my car windows. If I get pulled over can I tell the officer I was actually being safe & protecting my skin? #GOALS.

supergoop spf sunscreen importance by the skinny confidential


+ unseen spf
rose quartz roller
SPF setting mist
clarisonic smart profile uplift
MAC foundation
MAC powder
burt’s bees chapstick
MAC highlighter
eyebrow brush
brow color
mascara primer
+ eyelash curler
+ black mascara
+ SPF setting powder
+ SPF eye cream


+ Lymphatic Drainage
+ Wrinkle Prevention Tools
+ At Home Facial Massage
Beauty Blender Breakdown
+ Sunscreen Importance 

supergoop spf sunscreen importance by the skinny confidential

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In other news, I am doing a San Diego meet-up. All the info is on my latest Instagram but basically I am bringing a bunch of you to the MOVIES. We are going to see Fifty Shades Freed at Cinépolis in Del Mar. Rosé & popcorn included. Would love to see/meet some of you in the flesh. Speaking of flesh, that will be a theme I feel with Mr. Grey around? Ha.

I’m off to bed, wrapped in my favorite blanket, drinking lots of water because I had lymphatic drainage today ( by a TSC reader- what’s up Kathleen from SOLACE ). Which is just the best ever. Face is feeling tight which we love.

Hope you had a successful Wednesday.

Chat soon- x lauryn

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16 Replies to “How To Reapply Sunscreen Without F-Ing Up Your Makeup”

  1. Hey Lauryn!

    I am loving the YouTube vids!
    Wondering which colour MAC highlighter you use?
    I’ve been searching for a fab highlighter, looking at the Jacklyn Hill Becca Shimmering Powder too…anyhoo it’s my major obsession right now.
    Thanks for video as usual!

  2. Yesssss! I’ve been using Supergoop mist for the longest time and it’s PERFECT for reapplying sunscreen. Love, love, love.

  3. Love this! Do you put on sunscreen as a base even if your foundation has it?

    PS quote of the week from the bf “not everything has to be glam and skinny bitch approved” lol except it does!

  4. I used to be into the spray sunscreens, but after doing some research, found out that while the ingredients are safe for your skin, they can be really harmful if you breathe them in. So make sure you hold your breath whilst spraying 🙂

  5. Babbeeeee!! Thanks for answering concerns and prayers over here! I need to hop onto all The SuperGoop things asap ? !! I’m in front of a computer all day long, then on instagram at home in between breaks of Game of Thrones. Seriously need all this in my life!!!

  6. I never apply sunscreen because I always think it is so dull in Britain that I don’t need it – never have I been more wrong and this has really inspired me to get on it! Lovin’ the youtube videos, I’m definitely into them and look forward to them every time! Can’t wait to get my mist on!

  7. Hey girlfriend, thanks for the awesome post!! I love the Supergoop mist, and have also been obsessed with the Coola Makeup Setting Spray lately too! It’s a kickass multitasker for both sunscreen AND finishing your look. It also feels AH-MAZING after you spray it on because it has cucumber and aloe to cool ya off 🙂 My makeup doesn’t budge after I use this gem!

    Thanks for all that you share and do!