The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

The Perfect holiday party outfit by the skinny confidential

rose gold mophie | red YSL lips | bridal chain necklace | little black dress | black pumps with ankle tie | giant faux fur | shimmery gold clutch

Is it just me, or are there parties every single night during the holidays??

I am running around like a crazy person trying to make it to all of them, get presents, work, the list goes on & on.

I try to cut down the time it takes for me to get ready for all of the events, so I’ve come up with the the perfect holiday party outfit, that literally takes two seconds to throw together.

I’m especially loving the new rose gold mophie, because my cell phone is my staple accessory, isn’t yours??

Check out my post on how to throw a kick ass holiday party in one hour if you’re throwing your own party!



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