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BUT REALLY, wiping sweat from my upper lip…

Because FINALLY The Skinny Confidential, new & improved, is HERE.

You won’t believe it but it’s literally taken me & the blog-doo team nine months to complete this pretty, little redesign.

Yes, it’s true, I am THAT obnoxious.

Really though, Erica ( my partner in blog-doo ) wants to kill me slowly…very slowly. She said she’s never experienced anyone so picky in her life.

Meanwhile, I could have totally gone another month-ISH going back & forth.

SO it was time to pull the trigger & do the big reveal of the new TSC.



Clearly there’s more than gazillion!

All pages were updated: about/FAQ, book, BBG, collaboration page, ETC.

Basically we simplified EVERYTHING.

Crystal clear is the theme going on now. Everything is cleaner, simpler, & just easier to navigate.

I’m a huge fan of evolving. When you’re pursuing your passion it’s so important to EVOLVE right? Nothing worse than staying stagnant.

SO on that note, if you follow me on Snapchat you know Michael & I have been working on a fun, kind of different project that we’ve been dying to share— wait for it…A HIM & HER PODCAST!!

SO excited. BECAUSE it’s going to be centered around all of YOUR questions. That’s right, YOU will sort of dictate the show. Snapchat has been such a fun platform to engage with you guys on, that we figured “WHAT THE HELL, let’s do a weekly podcast!”

Stalk our podcast page here. & SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES. Really though, subscribe! We need subscribers AKA you guys.

We’ll have one episode up every Wednesday. To ask a question, Tweet or Instagram us with the hashtag #ASKHIMANDHER & we will certainly make sure to answer your questions on the podcast!

Sticking with the vibe here: an ASK LAURYN page was added so we can interact in like one second. Thrilled about this because we can get down & dirty on the spot, you know?

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+ a cleaner, more simplistic layout

+ added categories such as BUSINESSHIM & REALNESS.

+ a newly launched HIM & HER podcast…SO, SO EXCITED FOR THIS

+ BBG explanation page

+ TSC BOOK breakdown page

+ an ASK LAURYN page

+ more video

+ TRAVEL ( & travel vlogs ) will become an even bigger theme too!

I hope you LOVE the new site! If you have any feedback, as always leave it below.

Cheeseball-ISH: the amount of hours I’ve sat at this computer is INSANE. Like, I should be institutionalized.

Here’s to all the Friday nights I spent sitting at home alone blogging rather than going out. And to the night’s out…where I bring my laptop to the table while everyone is eating…& eer, drinking. HA! Hopefully this site re-design makes it all worth it.

Of course, THANKS to all of YOU. I am so grateful! A special virtual make out kiss to those of you who have read along from the beginning, the real TSC OG-ers. I feel like I know some of you guys! Your comments, opinions, Snaps, etc. I am SO lucky to have such amazing readers.

new site makeover 6 | by the skinny confidential

I never could’ve imagined such an insane group of women coming together through TSC Community. It’s unreal. I am a regular girl from San Diego who was a total broke-ass bartender paying for college while ( slowly ) building The Skinny Confidential.

Again, thanks guys for helping my dreams become a reality.


Anyway, the weekly newsletter is being blasted out tomorrow AM— if you’re interested in receiving it, simply SUBSCRIBE.

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( Can’t forget about blog-doo’s help with the redesign…my co-founder, Erica & the BD team are truly amazing. I wanted to stab my eyeballs out throughout the whole process so I’m sure she had some weirder thoughts…she’s helped me every step of the way EVEN when I’m really, extra fucking psycho ).

Hope you all love The Skinny Confidential’s facelift, LOVE YOU GUYS!

– lauryn xx

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  1. This was worth the wait! Your new categories are exactly what i didnt Know i wanted (i constantly do searches and look at old posts, all of those random hits on old posts are probably me). Seriously, im a total creep, But i share links with all of my friends;)
    Im not on snapchat, but ive almost joined just to Follow you and michael – i cannot properly express how Overjoyed i am at the Podcast.

    1. POKE around & have fun!! While you’re listening to the podcast. Feedback on the podcast is welcomed. It was our first one! xx

  2. Lauryn – I LOVE love love it. It looks phenomenal and I love how so social and interactive it is. You & Erica totally outdid yourselves. Well done! Excited for the upcoming podcasts!! Also loved this post and the reminder to keep the nose to the grind and focused. That regular girl from San Diego is such an inspiration to so many people… myself included! x SS
    Shannon Silver recently posted..Take your cooking to the next level with this easy af tip! {perfect for soups!}My Profile

  3. Looks so gorgeous!!! can’t wait to listen to the podcast. downloading the episodes now 🙂

    xo, Nicole @

  4. love love love! Your hard work def paid off & i am so stoked to hear all the podcasts that you and michael make!!

  5. I like the redesign and I know i will be obsessed with the podcast. I have a comment though. The pink hyperlinks are kind of hard to see at a glance. Maybe a darker shade would be easier to see. as I’m typing this comment it’s coming out all capitals… is that the font?

    I love the blog and your snapchat though!


  6. Amazing job!! Love it! So excited to listen to the podcasts. 🙂 Thank you for all you do!

  7. Hey Lauryn,

    For some reason I’m not able to see your entire post. I clicked on it from the main page and it takes me to the post, but i can only see a certain amount of the post and then (…)

    How do I see the rest of it?

    Kim 🙂 xo

    ps. AMAZING website!! Hard work pays off!!

  8. hey lauryn! looks amazing!! not sure if it’s just me but when I click on the posts it redirects to a new page that only shows the first couple sentences of the post. donno if anyone else is having this issue!

  9. Aww Lauryn this update is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to check out all of the new pages and features. You really are one hard working #girlboss who I have followed since you guest posted on Skinny Bitch (that’s how I found you back in like 2010-sh??) so I think that makes me an OG-er *insert crying face emoji* Keep doing what you love & inspiring all of us! XO Annie
    PS – did you finish the Seth Godin book yet?! The only you basically wrote 😛
    Annie recently posted..4 Style Tips For a Cute Almost-Spring OutfitMy Profile

  10. It’s so so pretty! The new design feels like it meshes with what snapchat shows how you design the rest of the spaces of your life!!

  11. Ok love it duh! But….how do I go back to previous posts? I’m stammering around not about to figure out how to go past the cupping post right now…?

  12. Love the redesign and super pumped about the podcast! I have an hour commute to work so podcasts are my obsession. Looking forward to an extra dose of realness from you both to liven up the commute.

    Your determination is inspiring!

    Cheers to the new TSC! Enjoy a glass of champs now!

  13. Literally, I love the new facelift! I’ve been waiting all day for it lol. All the hard work has really paid off. Also, super excited for the podcasts. I definitely just texted my boyfriend this afternoon about how I need to start listening to podcasts, and I will start with yours!

    Thank you for the motivational message at the end of the post. This whole community is truly a wonderful inspiration to continue to strive to be my best to inspire others to be their best as well.

  14. Oh how I love this design! Lauryn, you are such an inspiration and a role model when it comes to pursuing your passion and making dreams come true!!! Keep rocking! Xoxo

  15. Looooove it! So excited about the podcast!
    Back to work now :P, but can’t wait for tonight to check it all out in detail 😀
    The site looks amazing!!!

  16. A podcast, that’s so awesome, gonna susbcribe now! The new theme is lovely, though I have to get used to it. 9 months of work pay off tho and I love the new ask Lauryn page <3

  17. Lauryn your new website is amazing! I love all the new added details, it definitely shows all the time and effort you put into making this happen! You are an inspiration, and thank you for always being so real and genuine in your posts. 🙂


  18. It looks really great! You can see the effort and love put into this site. Congratulations! Also, so PUMPED for the podcast. I am obsessed with podcasts and can’t wait to add yours to my rotations. Hugs!

  19. Hello, I don’t know if other people are having this issue but every time I try to access your site from my laptop it just goes to the brb screen no matter how I try to get to the new site! I can only get on it from my phone.

  20. Obsessed! It makes the site so much more intuitive and easier to read old content. Love it. I want to hire blog-doo for my site. They did a great job.

  21. The new site looks amazing! I have been blogging for a year and a half with a site design that I have wanted to update and I have yet to pull the trigger because I want the work to be worth it and it to be perfect. Both you and Lauren Conrad just rolled out new designs and its making me feel so inspired to finally make mine happen!
    Kari recently posted..Wanderlust Wednesdays: Venice, Italy Part 2My Profile

  22. So amazing!!! Can’t wait to explore the new site!

    Already listened to the podcast and have told friends to start listening! You crack me up!


  23. Lauryn it’s gorgeous! I love it! Great job girl! And thank you for being such an inspiration. You definitely set the bar high for the rest of us bloggers, your hustle is next level, don’t ever stop because we need you as motivation 🙂

  24. Hi Lauryn! It looks great – definitely worth all the hard work. I’ve loved TSC for a long time, this makes it even better!

  25. Its so pretty but the full posts don’t show up in my feedly correctly anymore! Please work on fixing it for those of us that read through third party readers!

  26. I’m SO loving it! Like really really loving this! I’m currently working on a new “life-plan” and every bit of inspiration comes as a blessing and boy do you provide inspiration like no one else! Love how bold and honest you are Lauryn! Biggest hug over here <3
    Yara Miora recently posted..Portugal Travel PrepMy Profile

    1. Hi Yara, wow that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said! I’m so glad you find inspiration here. Honestly though, I get SO much inspiration from YOU GUYS! Love this community we’re creating here together. Thanks for reading <3
      Lauryn recently posted..Mini DeLites…& Other StuffMy Profile