Why You NEED A Facial Steamer

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I knew it was true love the second I heard about an at-home facial steamer.

We were podcasting with Jackie of The Bitch Bible & I said to her: “your face is glowing- WHAT are you doing?”

Jackie went on to tell me all about this easy, quick device you use at home. She’s not into a lot of fluff so that mixed with her dewy, perfect skin sold me.

Then I read her blog & she described the steamer: “Not to sound dramatic, I’d sell my future child for a facial steamer. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My skin has never been better. The day you order this steamer is the first day of the rest of your life. Sometimes when I am feeling wild & fucking alive, I infuse my facial steamer with rose water or my toner and think that if Leo DiCaprio ever propositioned me for sex it would be solely because I’ve had a really amazing face steam…So just let that marinade.

I am in no way a product junkie. I refuse to spend excess money on products because I am both cynical AND Jewish and would rather buy clothes. Your face is your base!”

UM sign me up PLZ.

It’s just everything I love in one stop: hydration, skin priming, AND it helps with the effectiveness of beauty products.


What it is:

Bring the spa into your home with this professional steamer.

What it does:

Relax & indulge as luxurious micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and soothed complexion in as quickly as nine minutes. An ideal way to begin any at-home facial, the Pro Facial Steamer enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen, priming skin for exfoliation, & product application and accelerating the absorption and effectiveness of products that follow.

How to use:

Cleanse your face thoroughly, then pat dry. Fill the water tank with distilled water ( I use bottled water admittedly ) . Turn on the device & steam for up to nine minutes. For dry, dehydrated skin, use for 8-12 minutes. For combination skin, use for 12-15 minutes. For oily skin, use for 15-20 minutes. I usually do 15 minutes because I like intense.

( NOTE: I like to add some eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils to open up the sinuses- is this weird? ).

{ via Nordstrom }

Here’s the thing, ever since I was little I was into skincare. My mom was a freak about her own skin & yelled at me about sunscreen more than doing my homework ( which makes so much sense though, right? I mean considering the career choice? ). She preached sunscreen on hands & neck everyday. ALL DAY.

I remember doing at home facials with friends & we’d heat up a bowl of water & then stick our face above it to open our pores. Now this may sound nuts but even as an adult when I’m cooking pasta, I STILL DO THIS. Like the pasta is cooking & there I am sticking my face in a boiling bowl of lentil pasta.

I don’t recommend this hack by the way- I feel like it’s very unsafe?

So now I don’t need a boiling pan of pasta guys- I just need my at-home steamer…which is traveling with me right now…& may or may not have gotten me & Michael into a fight because it’s kind of the size of teapot. He for sure thinks I’m out of my fucking mind traveling with a giant steamer BUT in my defense we are in New York & the weather here is TOUGH on the skin. Southern California’s weather is way kinder on the skin. WAY kinder. So yes I’m justifying lugging around a facial steamer in my travel backpack.

This is for sure the one I like. And while we’re at it I’ve tried this brand’s Original Alpha Beta Peels too ( they’re like these wipes you use everyday ) & I LOVE them. You can feel how anti-aging, hydrating, & tightening they are IMMEDIATELY. No waiting game. After washing my face, I use one in the morning & sometimes one at night before bed ( then I apply cold pressed, unrefined rosehip or jojoba oil– you should know the brand I like has new packaging so don’t be thrown off! ). They also have them in 30 packets if you’re not wanting to commit to the 60 packets. They look like little wipe packets so you can throw them in your purse & use them in the car or easily travel with them which is very ideal.

Oh & in regards to the steamer, I found a less expensive version too for you guys ( that’s pink!! ). But I’m pretty sold on this one.

On Friday I went to the NewBeauty Conference in NYC & learned all about new products so it was fun to learn more about something I already love. Excited to keep trying products with updates on the good, the bad, & the ugly.

BTW none of this is sponsored, it’s just to go over some skincare products I’m using right now.

Also, I’m going to give away one facial steamer today for Mother’s Day ♡.



…AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT until the next skincare post to find out my latest OBSESSION that’s FREE & anyone can do- I’ve been doing it for a month & it’s so anti-aging. Stay tuned.

For so many good beauty tips/tricks, join TSC SECRET FB GROUP ( girls only please! ). I’ve learned so much from you guys- my Amazon cart has some new goodies to try. Anyway, if you haven’t joined, you should. It’s a safe, cool space to discuss anything & everything with no judgment & lots of positivity. To join simply search THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL & press ‘group’ & click ‘join.’ Hope to see ya there.

Happy Mother’s Day!

x lauryn

+ AND of course listen to the LATEST podcast with The Bitch Bible– she’s HYSTERICAL. A real hoot.

+ Be sure to take advantage of the www.drdennisgross.com offer by visiting his site and using offer code: SKINNY10

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116 Replies to “Why You NEED A Facial Steamer”

  1. I need a facial steamer! Whenever my face needs a pick me up… I run scolding hot water in my sink while I put a towel over my head to trap in the steam. It works great, but is not chic and a huge waste of water. However, I am a 6th grade math teacher and sometimes I have to pinch pennies where I can 🙂 I’d love this facial steamer!

  2. I would love to win this awesome steamer. There’s really nothing better than a fresh steam to open the pores and let’s just talk about how amazing it feels and how relaxing it is!! Love that you always do hands down the best giveaways. Thanks so much for that ???

  3. Also in need of facial steamer because at 27 I finally got my sh!t together and started a skincare regimen and really want to keep it up!

  4. After listening to the last podcast I knew I absolutely had to have one of these! I am all about easy skin care and this sounds perfect! I’m in college so not only am I on quite the budget, but I am also super stressed 24/7 so this would be the perfect little hack to unwind and take some me time for my skin! I would appreciate it more than you know(:

  5. I love that your posts keep on informing me on new ways to better my skin and well being. I have had trouble with my skin for years now, mostly combination skin, and nothing has seemed to work. Recently I have heard about this and I would absolutely LOVE to give this a try! It sounds wonderful and something that will give me a little R&R that my face desperately needs! Thank you for all of your informational posts! Truly inspiring for me that there is hope for my skin! [p.s. LOVE your tea tree oil and ice rolling trick! A lifesaver!!]

  6. I need a facial steamer!! I’m a teacher so I’ve been doing the budget friendly version of facial steaming. Aka running hot water in my sink and putting a towel over my head to trap in the steam. Works great! But I’d love a less enviormentally damaging way to look flawless. I’d love to win this!! And knowing it has the stamp of approval from my two favs, you and Jackie, is everything! Thank you for all you do

  7. The real question is WHO doesn’t need a facial steamer. All jokes aside my face is a mess lately it’s like peuberty all over again and awful dry patches. Any helpful tips and tools you can suggest is much appreciated.

  8. I admittedly still do the boiling water face steam so it would be nice to have an actual professional machine rather than sticking my head into a pot of water 🙂 I’ve been watching Jackie use hers for months so I feel like this is the encouragement I need to get myself one!

  9. My skin has been sketch ever since I stopped taking birth control in December. I find my clarisonic isn’t doing the trick anymore and I need another weapon in my arsenal.

  10. I love my monthly facials that always include a substantial steaming. I’ve been looking at getting an at home version thanks for the red rec.

  11. Like I mentioned on your Instagram post, my skin began breaking out more than I’ve ever dealt with after moving to NYC from Tennessee. Knowing very few people in this city, having breakouts doesn’t exactly make me want to walk up to random strangers and introduce myself lol! I would love to have this steamer to really help get rid of all the nasty grime and pollution that comes with NYC!! I want to make my skin love this city as much as I do!!

    1. so weird how different places do that?! the steamer is such a game changer for that

  12. Oh my goshhhh I so need this! I feel like everyone does so I feel selfish even commenting but really. I’m not young mama to two little toddlers so that’s pretty draining & as most moms know it’s a miracle getting out of the house with fresh makeup and a clean face. I have just enough time in the morning to wash my face, put face cream on and brush my teeth before someone is screaming. This would be like an at-home-spa for me!

  13. I
    would like this #drdennisgrossman #skincare pro facial steamer as I
    have been waiting for you to give the go ahead on it since Jackie
    Schimmel from the #bitchbible talked to you about mentioned on your
    #skinnyconfidentialpodcast. I also heard you mention it on your
    InstaLive when you were your makeup done and Susan was creepin’ and
    giving everyone mad anxiety. Btw, I was in the dentist during your
    instalive and had my husband, who also goes into stalk Susan mode on my
    ass, record your instaLive, playing it on my phone while recording it on
    his phone. Furthermore, you should know, I buy everything you say and
    my husband dropped a “…when did you start shopping at Amazon?!” And I
    said “…when Lauryn told me to!” All that being said, I follow you on
    all our outlets. I am obsessed with all things skincare. I use a lot of
    medical grade products as I think they really “change” your skin and
    like incorporating your ‘ways’ into my routine. Oh, one more thing you
    should know, I really this steamer as my husband is sick of me boiling
    pots of water as he thinks it’s so “wasteful”. I have turned him into my
    Mimi by making him make my pink drinks as they take for-ev-ahhhhh. I am
    a full on addict. Omggggg I am not even thru this post and he is saying
    “…how much longer do you think this post will take”. I had to yell
    out, in the equivalent of 72 FONT, OH MY GAWD!!!! HELP!!!!!! I sent you an email as well from my “susans” email which is why this says “Matt”!

  14. After listening to your latest podcast costaring The Bitch Bible, I’ve been dying to get one of these steamers. As a mommy & stepmom of 3 children under 6 years old (soon to be 4 children) this steamer is perfect for those at home facials. Also my fiancée and I are planning our wedding next year & this would be a complete skin lifesaver! I plan on pairing it with microneedling & serums, (loved your post with Weslie about this) to help get rid of wrinkles, sun spots and redness.

  15. I would LOVE to win this facial steamers​ for a few reasons. One being you and Jackie Schimmel know your shit! I love when you have her on btw. I have a huge girl crush on you Lauryn, you crack me up right now in my life, that’s the best. My finances are almost bum status since my Mama died of cancer Sep 3rd, 2015. Funerals are very expensive. I have 2 little girls and after their needs are met and I’m working extra cleaning houses to try and get above water again. One day I WILL HAVE THE MEANS to try EVERYTHING that you recommend! You are probably the most gorge ever. Love TSC and everything about you, Michael too of course??

  16. This is awesome Lauryn! I want one so bad I feel like this is EXACTLY what my skin needs! I’ve been at a loss with my skin and I’ve been to the dermatologist but they can’t seem to fix my clogged pores! Noted my pores were not bad until I got put on harsh antibiotics and it knocked my good bacteria off balance and my skin has gone haywire! They prescribed products to help but I feel like they aren’t getting into my skin. This looks like it might be the answer to my prayers!

  17. Ahh I love this! SO many new/cool products lately and I love it. This sounds amazing and I need one because I want glowing skin! I’m a dentist so being around patients all day makes my skin feel dull/yuck

  18. I need a steamer so I can have beautiful skin that will make Italian men fall in love with me when I study abroad this summer.

  19. Omg laughing out loud bc I too have been known to throw my face over the pasta water. I’ve been steaming since ideas a kid too. We r soul sisters from another mists. I definitely need to add this to my collection of beauty tools. My hubby wants it too ??
    Of course subscribed to ur podcast and you tube…have been for ages ? xo

  20. I’d love one of these! I’m a first grade teacher and not only do I think this would help my skin, I think it would be very relaxing!

  21. Happy Mothers Day! I need a facial steamer because I’ve always had issues with acne and I think this will really help me achieve a glowing complexion! It would also be nice to use during an at-home spa day. Treat yo’ self 😉

  22. I need a facial steamer to help my now problematic, 30+ skin. My skin gets dry and irriated. This will help clean out my pores, soften my skin, and help the recommended serums and moisturizer absorb better! I need my old glowing, radiant skin again and if your giving it away – it must be a great, quality product! Having fab, flawless skin would be life changing lol! I will be glowing and vacay ready. Btw, i’ve tried steamers in the past and they do not look as effective as this.

  23. I am a mom of three little ones and I yearn for an at home spa experience! Waaaaa! Lol! I’m also a teacher so between teaching and caring for three little ones there it’s hard to carve out time for myself. ? my skin is super flaky so I would love this!! Thank you so much!! So thoughtful and kind!

  24. omg. I NEED this. This product is dreaaaamy. I don’t know how to beg my way into this one without being annoying, or to frame it as a benefit to you… But here it goes you’d be giving this to a girl who would squeal of excitement–it has been on my wish list for so long! I would die to duo this with a rose water spray. I ordered the ice roller you recommended and I can’t imagine my mornings without it so I know this must be good!! Love you Lauryn, thanks for always doing some bomb ass giveaways!

  25. Ever since I heard Jackie talk about her facial steamer on the podcast I’ve been thinking about getting one. I have been struggling with my skin ever since I moved from San Diego to the east coast. My skin has a hard time adjusting to the harsh weather changes and would love a steamer!! xoxo

  26. I subscribed and commented on Instagram. As a mom to a 2 year old and almost 8 months pregnant my skin has taken the backseat lately. I would love to win the steamer to help combat my dry/dull complexion while being able to relax for at least 9 mins at home!! Thanks for the great giveaway on Mother’s Day!!!

  27. I loved this product. It does it job efficiently. Generally, the steamer is used to open the pores of the face and to be honest it gives a good exposure to the skin. Also, it is recommended to use steam in order to gain nutrients from the face pack.

    pauline@Revitol anti aging ingredients

  28. My skin is a mess and it all starts with my pores, which need to be opened up and cleaned out! This steamer would be a great start to beautiful skin!

  29. Would love this – really like that Jackie said it was an alternative for her than Botox – something i’m keen to try but am waiting it out a little bit. Just seems like an awesome tool. Plus its not available in the UK so it would be amazing to win it! xxx

  30. Have a facial steamer and love it!
    I just struggle with how frequently I should do it. I’ve read 1x/week, but I enjoy doing it so much, I’m wondering if its okay to do more frequently. Any advice?! Thanks!

  31. I would absolute LOVE this steamer! It’s taken me some time, but this year I am really on a kick to start taking care of my skin for the rest of my life. This would not only help my skin, but also be a really essential way for me to destress. I can picture it already and I know I need one now 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. Here’s the thing, ever since I was little I was into skincare. My mom was a freak about her own skin & yelled at me about sunscreen more than doing my homework ( which makes so much sense, right? I mean considering the career choice? ). She preached sunscreen on hands & neck everyday.

    Everything about the career choice comment. LOVE LOL.


  33. Ooooooh I NEED this in my life. I remember as a young child using my sister’s and I was OB-SESSED! Forgot all about them. NEED NEED NEED! Another amazing recommendation Lauryn!

  34. I’m pretty sure growing up in super humid Houston and then moving up North has officially wrecked my skin. Welcome driest skin ever. Can I get an Amen for this at-home spa treatment??

  35. Ok so…..I need a steamer bc soft, dewy, luxurious skin is my life BUT ALSO Bc my husbands face needs HELP (he’s one of those stay up til 4 AM, works too hard, plays too hard kinda guys). He has committed to letting me take over his skin care routine (today we are doing a lymphatic massage) and he could SO use this, too!

  36. Lauryn! I need a steamer!!!!!!! I find that with my skin, heat and open pores is the way to go. I have sebaceous filament pores on my nose that basically look like teeny gray blackheads but pretty much never go away even with squeezing, and when my skin is cold and dry they get all raised up and look like shit under makeup. This steamer would be perfect in the morning to heat up my pores and get everything soft and dewy!!

  37. I need this in my life because I am a mother of 4
    Girls that still gets pretty bad acne brake outs
    I would love a moment to relax and forget about all stress… I also have dry skin so I have all kinds of problems … hope so get it z??

  38. I desperately need a facial steamer. Nothing like being 28 and suffering from adult acne, you know? I have tried any and everyyyythinggg to help, and I am starting to get desperate. I would love nothing more than to steam my way to glowing (and clear) skin!

  39. Thank you so much for your generosity in giving away this steamer, Lauryn! I saw you on Gary Vee’s video and I have been checking out your blog and read through a good chunk of your awesome content! Thanks for keeping it real- it’s seriously a breath of fresh air!

    Not sure if the giveaway is over yet, but thought to add my comment. 🙂 Many people say that I have impeccable skin (thank you Asian genes), but I’d love to win this to keep my skin in this good condition!

  40. OMG I just bought one bc a girl in the Secret FB group recommended it and I’M OBSESSED. Everywhere online it says to use once a week but I’ve been using it once a day??? Haha… it’s the best!!!!

  41. I would love the facial steamer to help with my congested skin and influx of blackheads i’ve seen recently. I try steaming at home but boiling water is not an easy task!

  42. Hi! Hoping you could help me with a concern. I am pretty tiny however I do swell up very easily, especially my face after a night of drinking, do you think this steamer would help get rid of the swelling?

  43. I need a facial steamer in my life because I’m a Mom of a four year old. That way I can look like I’ve just stepped out of a spa without actually having to take time to go to a spa ☺️

  44. I definitely need a steamer to help unclog my pores. I hate my adult acne! I also need it to help with my sinuses. And yes, I love using essential oils to help with my migraines and sinuses.

  45. I def need one because I use my garment steamer and I burned my face once! Needless to say that was the last time. Ouch 🙁
    And I totally used to put my head over boiling water too, I loled when I heard you say that. ❤️

  46. After you do the facial steamer, what are your next steps? exfoliate, mask, oil, night serum?

    Thank you so much!!

  47. I love this! I’m an esthetician and I’ve always wanted a facial steamer because I know how good it is for your skin! The good ones are expensive though for my current budget. I love listening to your podcast, I do every morning on my way to work! I love your Instagram feed too! You provide so much knowledge and inspiration, I love it! I would really love to win this facial steamer because I’ve always wanted one and I think it would help my skin out too!

  48. I need a facial steamer in my life because I’m a Mom of a four year old. That way I can look like I’ve just stepped out of a spa without actually having to take time to go to a spa ☺️

  49. BTW, I was in the dentist during your instalive and had my husband, who also goes into stalk Susan mode, record your Insta Live, playing it on my phone while recording it on his phone.

  50. I really need a facial steamer. My skin is really bad, very oily in summer and very dry in winter. I am sick of all this sometimes. I wish I will get glowing skin with this. Is this helpful for me?

  51. Like I mentioned on your Instagram post, my skin began breaking out more than I’ve ever dealt with after moving to NYC from Tennessee. Knowing very few people in this city, having breakouts doesn’t exactly make me want to walk up to random strangers and introduce myself lol! I would love to have this steamer to really help get rid of all the nasty grime and pollution that comes with NYC!! I want to make my skin love this city as much as I do!!