Everyone On The Planet Needs This Specific White Pen

best pen to write bullet journal tsc product recommendationsThere’s really nothing better than a perfect pen. I’ve searched high & low for the ideal pen to write in my planner with. I’m so specific when it comes to this. I want the pen to be delicate, smooth & thin while also being bold. I don’t ask for much.

A pen that catches is no good. It needs to be fluid & really glide.

And don’t think for one second that the pen can be ugly. It needs to be super cute.

Montblanc pens are so expensive, so I was on the hunt to find an affordable, chic pen that I’d want to use all the time.

And let’s be honest, no one is doing a lot of penmanship or cursive anymore. We’re not in 2nd grade trying to stay on the dotted lines. All of us are texting so it’s important to have a pen that works with your hand. I know it sounds crazy, but it really is important.

So after trying a million pens, I found the one, the only, the amazing, white, very TSC-ish pen.

The funny thing is, after raving about this pen to all my friends, I found out that this is the most popular pen in Japan. This doesn’t surprise me at all because I feel like Japanese people have the most amazing penmanship. It’s precise, delicate & pristine. I think it’s because they have specific classes for handwriting in school? Even Japanese art is perfect & meticulous.

I haven’t been to Japan, I was just in the airport- but even then, I noticed what great care they take in details. They’re also big on something called Bullet Journals. It’s essentially having a little notebook on you all the time to plan your days & draw some doodles. It’s all about taking time out to get back to just pen & paper. So it’s no surprise this pen is #1 in Japan.

I have to say, the other day I was writing with my pink pen from The Beverly Hills Hotel ( which I also love ), but it’s a totally different situation & my writing is so much better with this white pen.

Why a post on pens you ask?

Because I think The Skinny Confidential is a resource & a hub for little niche products like this. People kept messaging me about the pen I was using on Instagram Stories, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to it.

I have a pack of 12. They come in different colors too. And I have them all over my house.

Some of the reviews are:

+ Best writing pen I have ever owned…

+ Gliding, smear-free pen…

+ I’d rate these 10 stars if I could…

+ My absolute favorite for writing…

You should also know they all come in black ink. Fine by me!

You guys know I live & die by my Google calendar, but I also like to have a real planner that I can write in. I wrote a whole post on the planner I use & how I use it. The planner has to have a weekly view, & a spiral spine so I can lay it flat- but more on that here.

This pen is also PERFECT for Morning Pages.

I’m adding this pen to the master list & TSC Amazon Store right now so that it’s easy for everyone to find.

Anyway. This pen is major, you don’t want to live without it. Like, it’s not worth living if you don’t have it- ( love a dramatic moment ).

Alright, I’m off to write in my planner & schedule my day for tomorrow with my perfect, dainty, chic pen.

X, lauryn

+ If you enjoyed this post you’ll be obsessed with my post on my favorite planner.

++ Make sure you stalk the TSC Amazon store, there’s tons of little gems like this in it.

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20 Replies to “Everyone On The Planet Needs This Specific White Pen”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST + I LOVE ALL OF YOUR RECS! Dropping by to say that you are absolutely right on this: “Because I think The Skinny Confidential is a resource & a hub for little niche products like this”.

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  3. Came to your page via The Stripe and I’m dying laughing about this pen post because I’ve been obsessed with this pen since I discovered it through a coworker in 2015. It’s the best!!

  4. Hi Lauryn,

    I am a pen snob as well.
    Check out these two brands from Japan: Muji & Xeno Shinzi Katoh Monpeluche. I cannot express how amazing these are!