significant other house rules moving tricks by tscGuys, I recorded a video all about moving in with a significant other.

A common theme of my inbox from you guys has been “Should we move in together?” so I thought it would be fun to sit down, have a little chat, maybe some rosé, & talk about what it’s like to move in with your bf/gf/husband/wife.

Decorating by myself & just having my own space was so fun. I literally loved every second of living by myself.

Living with Michael is the best, but it was a huge adjustment. Like, don’t fucking sit on my white couch & why aren’t you wearing your pink shoe covers???

We are both picky & super type-A, so moving in together was NO JOKE. Some nights I literally thought I was going to stab him in his sleep.

Anyways, let’s get right into all my tips for moving in together.

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If you like this post, we have plenty of podcasts about our relationship. We did a Q&A episode here.

See ya tomorrow,

x, lauryn

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