Mini DeLites…+ A Naked Saturday

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

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The following events are true.

Like they actually happened.

SOOOOOO where shall we begin?

For starters I spent the better part of my Saturday butt-ass naked on a table.

Yes, you read that right.


Basically my girlfriends & I went to a veryyyyyyy different kind of spa in San Diego…& ME OH MYYYYYY we certainly got to know each other MUCHHHH better.

You know, that happens when you’re staring at each other’s va jay jays for a couple of hours.



As the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding, it was my responsibility to plan a girl’s day for her bachelorette party.

It all started with an innocent, little hike ( healthy right? ), then we went & had some naughty mimosas ( so sue me ), & THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE SPA.

But not just any spa, guys………

Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential

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If you haven’t been to a Korean spa…then perhaps IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO!!

Because it was seriously different than any experience I’ve ever had.

So we get there, the girl at the front checks us in ( I’m too busy checking out HER SKIN because DAMNNNN it was flawless ) & all four of us grab our cubbies full of a robe, towel, and scrub mitt.

We also were able to pick two masks to use during the treatment. Naturally I choose the collagen booster ( bye wrinkles! ) & one that helped with pimples ( hello chin zit! ).

All of us went to our lockers & then were instructed to strip. Like, NAKED-Demi Moore Strip Tease, strip. In front of each other. And the other 349573 women there.

Ohhh come on, let’s live a little, right?

So we all go butt-ass naked to the community jacuzzi & wait to be called in ( reminds me of kindergarden but not really at all? ).

Before we’re called on they instruct us to take a shower.

We do.

Together? Well kind of? I’m going with the flow at this point I guess?

So anyway, we each get called.


Total lab rat status for my friends. There I was, just taking one for the team.

My masseuse tells me to lay down & proceeds to scrub down my whollllllle body with the cubbie scrub mitt to remove ANY dead skin.

This is not like a la-de-da, relaxing, cucumber eye pad-kinda scrub down.

This is a GNARLY, INTENSE, DON’T F AROUND scrub down.


If you guys know me you know I’m all about stimulating the lymph system & dry brushing ( I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF DRY BRUSHING…IT’S TOOOOO GOOD. REALLY, TRULY I DO IT EVERY DAY ). So this particular gnarly scrub at the Korean spa was HEAVENNNNN.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ ya, ya, ya you guys know I love spicy nuts }

Let’s take a moment to recognize the fact that EVERY body part is getting a gnarly scrub down.

I’ll leave that to your imagination ( or maybe you’d rather not go there? ). Basically everythaaangggg was getting EXFOLIATED X 6 MILLION.

Here’s the thing: the masseuse was very automatic about it. She was very, very, very professional. It was as if she had done this job forever. So it made the experience enjoyable because she was so chill.

Ok, let’s talk about my view because half way through I was turned to my side to face my friend’s butt…& other things AKA her vagina…for the next half hour of the massage.

After the masseuse scrubbed my entire bod down and literally did Kung Fu on my back, I was told to take another shower…check!

Then lay facing upward…check!

Then close my eyes…check!

Then she proceeded to pour milk all over my body.

Afterwards she deepest of deep massaged my full body while performing circus tricks ( get your mind out of the gutter, this was a MASSAGE! ). Oh, by the way she is half naked the whole time.


After the massage part ended ( boo! ), she rubbed my entire scalp with hot oil, washed my hair ( shampoo AND conditioner, guys ), & put a mask on my face…


Anyway, post-massage was spent in the naked jacuzzi & a special red clay room that sucks toxins from your skin ( woulda shared this on Insta but you know, we were naked so even the ‘toaster’ filter wouldn’t have exactly kept it PG-13 ). The clay room benefits can be found here.

And would I go back? ABSOLUTELY DUH, I would go back. In fact…anyone free this weekend?

Well, that about sums up my weekend— ok so who wants me to throw them a bachelorette party next? Anyone?


– lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

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58 Replies to “Mini DeLites…+ A Naked Saturday”

  1. Love love love this post!! I go to the wi spa in la with friends after we are done with our finals to detox and other good shit (google conan and walking dead star steven yeun experience the korean spa – fucking hilarious). Our first time getting the exfoliating massage was ridic (like love and hate relationship) but the results were amazinggggg! My skin was like a baby’s bottom. I’m Korean and I discovered the Korean spa in college – best place to go to when you need a study break. You’re amazing Lauren (you’re like my fav blogger ever) and thank you for spreading the love for korean spas <3

    1. OMG SO funny!! Your skin is sooo smooth after it! Thanks for the kind words Sally— you made me smile ; ) x

    1. Which treatment did you get? I have been hearing about this spa but have been nervous to check it out since I heard the scrub can be intense. Now I want to book an appointment today!! haha

  2. this sounds amazing!! also can you pretty please with coconut palm sugar on top do a post on your skincare… I know you have done them in the past but your skin is so flawless and GLOWING (maybe the spa?) so I would love to know specific products/order/morning night routine!!

    xx B

  3. I LOVEEEE the Korean spa! We had one close to my home back in Chicago and it was amazing – open 24×7, had a restaurant inside, wet & dry saunas, massages, the works! It certainly is a shock initially stripping down in front of strangers and friends (or even family) but we’re only human after all! I especially love the scrub…it’s like a snake shedding its skin haha.
    Irina recently posted..Traditional Russian PelmeniMy Profile

  4. Ohhhh I been to those a couple times love it they reallllllly scrub you down I plan on going to one soon again

  5. Puahaha! This post was awesome. I’m Korean so I’ve been using the scrubby all my life. I can’t live without using it at least once a week in the shower. It is a fine line between pain and pleasure! Haha!

  6. Ahhh love these kind of things!!

    I actually went to a similar one in Marrakech. Obvs not korean, but the Hammam bath was an intense exfoliation, I’ve never been scrubbed and rubbed so vigorously in my life! it was scrub, rinse, scrub, shower, scrub. It was incredible, but in the end from all the steam and scrubbing and detoxing I almost passed out!

    I actually had to go an sit while they gave me mint tea with some sugar, the whole world was spinning, it was insane! The 1-hour massage afterwards definitely helped though, left feeling like a new woman =)

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  7. I love your blog!! This spa sounds amazing!! Which package did you choose? I’ve been looking at them online

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  9. OMG I have totally been to a spa like this in Kearny Mesa!!! What an experience I’ll NEVER forget! WOWWW