Latest Fitness Finds (That Can Totally Transition From The Gym to A Date Night)

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

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Recently I hosted an event with Adidas & while I was there I WAS DYING FOR THEIR LATEST STUFF.

Seriously though, it’s so good ( not sponsored, just wanted to share some of my picks ).

I just bought the white sneakers ( weird, lol )…I’ve been eying them for the longest time & they’re always sold out in my size. I like how you can rock them to sweat but also for a date night. AND I bought the amazing black training pants above. They are SO INSANE, black, comfy, & cool in an understated I “didn’t get ready, but look cute still” kinda way. CHIC.

Oh, & a lot of the above is on sale. YAY.

Ok, I’m off to the county fair today for a sangria event ( assuming there will be everything in the world wrapped in bacon, Orange Julius’, & tons of funnel cake!! Will share a little fair recap Monday ).

Happy weekend guys, get weird. x lauryn

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10 Replies to “Latest Fitness Finds (That Can Totally Transition From The Gym to A Date Night)”

  1. Great blog! I’ve been trying to find a good lifestyle blog for a while but it’s been hard! It doesn’t seem to be as popular to blog here in the US as it is in Sweden where I’m from. I moved to the US five years ago and have only followed Swedish bloggers, but I thought it was about time to find some American bloggers as well:)

    I’m writing about my life in the US but also about Sweden, traveling (my husband is a pilot) and photography!