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4 Replies to “Everything You Want To Know About Labor and Epidurals”

  1. I just gave birth and can say with confidence that the epidural was a total breeze. Nicole hits it right on the head- the numbing shot prior to the actual epidural itself is akin to any other type of Novocaine or numbing shot you’d get anywhere else on your body. The actual epidural needle itself does not hurt at insertion, although I will mention that I felt a very strange sensation – almost like wave or cold rush feeling throughout my body when the medicine was injected. It was just uncomfortable for 2-5 seconds… and not painful at all. Once I had my epidural, I still felt the pressure of a contraction (like a cramping feeling) and knew when I was having one, but felt ZERO pain while having one.

  2. I delivered my daughter naturally and it was probably the most painful experience, yet so rewarding! Given I was in the military, no pain compared to child birth, hands down! Can you guys include more details on labor (breathing, how to stay calm, setting a calm environment, etc), and the route to go without epidural (the “Ring of Fire” and how your stomach is pushed after delivery for a second delivery aka your placenta)