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17 Replies to “Get To Know KIND Campaign Creators: Molly Thompson & Lauren Paul”

  1. This is amazing. I had never heard of this program before – thank you for sharing! I’m going to be sharing this with all of my friends who are teachers and try to get this started in local schools. I was definitely a victim of mean girls in middle school and this video really resonated with me… I started crying watching the mother talk about her 9 year old who said “I would rather be dead” because that was me.

    These girls are amazing <3 What they are doing is exactly what school systems need.

  2. This entire campaign warms my heart. As a victim of bullying, and cyber bullying as an adult when I competed at Miss USA, we can only create a legacy of kindness through educating the next generation. And it doesn’t hurt that one is a KKG like me!
    Awesome post!!!
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  3. This is a wonderful heart warming scheme (and blog post) thank you for sharing this.
    And I find it hard to believe that you were teased, you’re stunning! But then I guess it was probably jealous. Kids can be cruel, and girls especially.
    You know, I’ve worked in a men’s prison and was often asked if I was scared. I find women/girls much scarier. They know how to wound you deeply, without leaving visible scars.

    Aimee Belle


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  4. Wow I am so grateful you shared this! I am going to school to become a teacher and I would love to bring the Kind campaign with me. So motivational!

  5. This is great Lauryn! I’ve never heard of the Kind Campaign before and I totally agree! Being kind at heart is truly a great way to be! That is totally terrible about your car! oh no!
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  6. I thought this post was absolutely amazing! I was touched by the kind campaign and Rachel’s story and am so glad they are dedicated to stop bullying across America!

  7. This is so inspiring, so many girls go through it and until now I never looked at it like this before – and it’s so true! Girl vs girl bullying can be so brutal and is different to how boys can be. Girls are so self critical and have learnt to be critical of our fellow sex! So amazing that these girls are dedicating a life to tackling something that most of us will experience, and using such simple but true ways to help us realise! xo
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