How to Flatter Your Figure with Blogger Erin Brodie

Lauryn Evarts and Erin Brodie collaborate on skinny tips, fashion advice, and skinny tricks on how to lose weight.

Recently I talked with my GF/fashion expert, Erin Brodie on fashionable tricks to flatter your figure. The busy lady is a Guess? handbag merchandiser by day, runs the blog NetaLoves by night, & despite her hectic schedule happens to always look chic. We discussed Spanx, LBD’s, & florals; I totally enjoyed her answers, & you will too:

Describe yourself and your blog.

Hi- I’m Erin! By day I work for Guess? handbags as a design merchandiser- am obsessed with the Bar Method, hiking, vodka martinis, manicures, my unfriendly dog named Charlie, being a vegetarian, & somewhere in between keeping up with NetaLoves, a blog I created while living in Boston to keep my family and friends in the loop of what I was wearing, what color nail polish I was rocking, cooking, or my activities around town. I’ve stayed loyal to my original content and somewhere along the way grabbed a nice following.

+ If you’re going to flaunt, what body is most flattering to flaunt in a LBD?

I am all about flaunting what you got…without looking trashy or flashy. Personally, depending on the way I feel & how harsh I’m going to be on myself I’d go with a sleeveless dress [ splurge, budget ]; I have an arm obsession. To me there is nothing I am more envious of than a girl who has toned arms especially in cocktail attire. If my arms aren’t making the cut I’m throwing my hair up in a ballerina bun and showing off my back [ spluge, budget ]. Annnnnd if I’m feeling like a complete bombshell- why not rock something like this?

+ Your key/go-to piece for the spring to summer transitional season?

This might sound oh so boring but I love a simple white v-neck tee; J.Crew makes my favorite- there’s much you can do with a simple tee- pair it with color jeans, maxi skirts, patterned shorts, or dress it up with a blazer, & load up the accessories.

When it comes to the transition of seasons we’re really lucky in Southern California because it’s not like I’d need my Hunter boots from winter to spring, like I did when I lived on the east coast.

+ Favorite trends this season?

I’m obsessed with floral prints. I just bought a pair of J Brand floral skinny jeans at a sample sale and wish I would of bought more! I also love chiffon button downs for the office. You can dress them any way you want which I think is so key when working in the fashion world and of course all things nautical.

+ Natural beauty product you swear by?

Spirulina & Protandim. Spirulina was recommended to me by my esthetician- it’s a form of algae- great for your skin, allergies & vegetarians because it contains lots of protein. Protandim which is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress- which is the main root to disease. I also swear by tea tree oil which is great for chap skin, spur of the moment pimples, or pesky scars…but be careful it stinks!

Lauryn Evarts and Erin Brodie collaborate on skinny tips, fashion advice, and skinny tricks on how to lose weight.

Most flattering clothing piece?

I think it’s important to know your body type before saying what piece is most flattering. We all come in different shapes in sizes; with that being said, if you have a big booty but small hips look for bottoms with a higher cut so you stomach looks tiny but you’re still showing off your curves. Something I really try to pay attention to are the patterns on any piece of clothing; always wear vertical over horizontal…Of course you can wear the horizontal, but vertical will thin you out. I also love what a great flare jean with a wedge does for any girls legs. It’s an easy way to instantly flatter your stems.

+ Quick skinny tip?

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS drink tons of water, detox tea, & try a plank before bed.

+ What cut would you recommend to someone who is feeling bloated?

These yoga pants & get your butt to the gym/cardio class/hot yoga! Kidding…stay away from form fitting skinnies/white jeans/short shorts & opt for black trousers, high cut denim, or a loose fitting maxi.

Besides black, what is the most slimming color?

Can’t go wrong with darker colors; navy, dark purples, & greens- they have the same effect as black but make you look a little more FUN!

 + Spanx or no Spanx?

I LOVE them. Is that bad? Maybe- I’ve even cut a pair to make them like undies.

++ Erin’s Bikini Picks

Lauryn Evarts and Erin Brodie collaborate on skinny tips, fashion advice, and skinny tricks on how to lose weight.


1.] dELiA*s [ assorted mix & match ]

2.] DVF

3.] H & M

4.] Seventh Wonderland

5.] Yves Saint Laurent

6.] dELiA*s [ assorted mix & match ]

7.] No longer available; similar style available here

8.] Opening Ceremony

9.] L*Space [ Lauryn’s favorite ]

Lauryn Evarts and Erin Brodie collaborate on skinny tips, fashion advice, and skinny tricks on how to lose weight.

Lauryn Evarts and Erin Brodie collaborate on skinny tips, fashion advice, and skinny tricks on how to lose weight.

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  1. Hi Lauryn,

    I love your blog ! It really inspires me to leave healthy and keep fit 🙂
    My friend’s bday is coming up and she wanna have a White Party, we have figured out what cocktails to make (everything has to be white) but we are struggling with coming up with good white dishes.. She wanna have kinda nibble style dishes . You got any ideas ?
    Thanks xx

    1. Here’s what I would have: white chocolate stuffed raspberries, skim milk white Russians, bubbly champagne a stick of mini marshmallows on top of the glass, white wine, Greek yogurt frozen covered strawberries, vanilla milkshakes with skim milk, white sliced peaches, sliced bananas, cauliflower with ranch, swiss cheese on cucumber slices, white frozen gummy bears, and a sliced open coconut filled with pear slices.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading Sofie ; ) xoxo
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  2. Some one says inner beauty attracts some more, but for me physical beauty is the main factor who are able to catch the real thing of success… Figure is a kind of strategy in which bring up huge thing…
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