Hottie Honeymoon Vibes

hottie honeymoon vibes | by the skinny confidential. Lauryn Evarts talks what items she would bring on her honeymoon.

Told you we were getting bridal on the blog…

Trying to get in the spirit, if you know what I mean.

If we’re being honest, I think I’ve nailed down my ideal bridal vibe.

Think CONTRAST. Both LIGHT & DARK tones. Extra VAMPY with a hint of tradition here & there… to keep things interesting. Right?

SO in the spirit of weddings… let’s chat about something every bride-to-be DEFINITELY looks forward to. THE HONEYMOON. To me, hottie honeymoon vibes mean EXTRA vampy. Bring on the lace, dark tones, & exaggerated details.

Michael & I have absolutely ZERO idea what we want to do for our honeymoon. Any recommendations?

Either way, the hottie honeymoon vibe shopping is ON. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Black, LACEY Lingerie:

Surprise your new hubby by going a bit outside the norm. Instead of wearing the usual all white, bridal lingerie, opt for BLACK. Throw on a pair of pumps, do your hair super sexy, maybe a red lip & you’re good to go. MEOW.

CHIC White Palazzo Pants:

SOOO stylish. Sometimes a cocktail dress is just too predictable. These pants go great with a flirty crop top, a bodysuit, or even just a casual tank. They’re white & flowy so if you’re in warm weather for the honeymoon, they’re ideal.

Black PUSH UP BRA Bikini:

LOVING the mesh details on this bikini. Plus, who doesn’t love a good push up bra? SO sexy, definitely ON POINT for honeymooning somewhere warm or tropical. BTW! This hot little set is ON SALE! Definitely a win, win.

The Sexiest Bodysuit:

THIS BODYSUIT IS UNREAL. I actually already own this & wore it HERE. I’ll definitely be bringing this hottie suit wherever we honeymoon.

Okay so thoughts? What would you bring on your honeymoon.

Also PLEASE share any rad honeymoon ideas below. We need to plan ours.


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