Remember Bagel Bites? I feel like I ate them after 632 margaritas in college at 3 AM. They were so good. I mean who knows what was in them- the point was: too much alcohol + 3 AM + hunger pains= BAGEL BITES.

But here’s the thing: I’m boring now & need something to replace them…at 8 PM. Time’s have changed, man.

So after hanging with Tanya of The F-Factor Diet ( if you haven’t listened to her episode of the podcast you’re seriously missing out. She is just fucking fabulous & so smart ), I found out the importance of fiber.

Tanya is a HUGEEEEE fan of fiber. And a huge fan of mini pizzas before dinner.

That’s right, she actually said that. And she’s a gnarly dietitian. Her logic is basically: ruin your appetite before dinner. So she eats these GG pizzas. She gave me the recipe & I figured I’d share it with you. The main reason is every time I make the “recipe” on Snap or IG Stories you guys want to know the “recipe.”

And it’s not even a recipe. It’s embarrassing how easy is it. Try it & I feel like you will immediately get what I”m talking about. I mean see?



+ RAO’S spicy pizza sauce
GG bran crackers
+ vegan cheese OR goat cheese OR cottage cheese
+ fresh basil
+ chili flakes

+ directions: plop it on the cracker ( you know the sauce & cheese ), broil at 325 degrees for like 2 to 4 minutes, & let cool for a second. Pull it out of the oven. Then add basil, chili flakes, and lemon. Option to add peperoncini.

These pizzas are filled with fiber & protein from the cheese ( just choose your cheese wisely! ). They’re the ideal snack to keep you satisfied. Especially during the holidays.

You should know I’m very much about this sauce- the sauce really makes the whole situation. Rao’s always comes thru for me- their sauce has minimal ingredients. It’s kind of like that friend you love who’s straight to the point? That’s Rao’s. I’m into their spicy sauce, pizza sauce, & roasted garlic sauce. You kind of can’t go wrong here.

Basil. You have to go fresh. Don’t do fake basil. Dried doesn’t work either. Basil is such a good staple. It’s on my weekly list. First of all, it’s so good in Kombucha with lemon & a little turmeric. In a weird way it’s like a cocktail, but not. Basil is queen- use it in smoothies, pastas, on GG pizzas, & in your sparkling water. It’s just one of those things that adds flair to any situation. Mint is another one of those herbs that’s fab for spicing something up, but I feel like that’s a different story.

OK! So that’s my latest GG cracker go-to.

If you’re confused on what GG’s are, read this post. AND PLEASE! Listen to the podcast with Tanya. It is life-changing.

You have to try GG French toast too— LIKE IT’S SO GOOD.

fiber filled vegan quick pizza recipe | by the skinny confidential

It’s almost 1 AM so I probably should get off the computer to spare my eyes, right? Going to take my makeup off ( with grape seed oil! ), change into my Justin Bieber tour sweater, & climb into bed to read.

Sounds like heaven to me. Wish I had a plate of GG Pizza though? It would bring back memories of Bagel Bite nights. IT’S JUST 1 INSTEAD OF 3 AM!


x lauryn

+ outfit details: top | hoops

++ for more healthy videos: STALK TSC YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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  1. these look so good & i love how easy they are. Rao’s is my FAVE too – I’ve only had the pasta sauce but this pizza sauce looks & sounds divine! I will def give these a try, esp bc I’m alwaysssss looking for savory 2 second munchies. 🙂 x Shannon

  2. LAURYN – I had to stop by to let you know how much a I am LOVING the laid back nature of your video content lately. Seeing you get silly, talk to people off camera, and be self-deprecating makes your videos such a delight to watch. Not that your more formal videos weren’t also great, they were, but this shows a side of you that is just charming. Brava.

  3. I just got the raisin GG’s. When I first took a plain bite I was dissapointed. This morning I topped them with pineapple cottage cheese and loved it! Looking forward to trying more topping!

  4. I’m in love with your blog and how you work it!! I also love that you share everything, from the GG Crackers to your top and hoops (which I LOVE!) I love when bloggers share everything, because you are an influencer; and if your fan wants to know where you got something; you share! I LOVE TSC & the TSC group. I’m behind on podcasts but I’m glad I’m listening to the Tanya today!

  5. I just finished my first pack of GG crackers and I have to say I’m hooked! At first they had a bit of a cardboard taste, but with this sauce, some vegan cheese, and red pepper I’m in heaven! Thanks for the tips, I seem to buy and love everything you post!