TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide to Florence, Italy

Perfect Florence Itinerary by Michael Bosstick, Fiancé of Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny ConfidentialMichael is back in action with another itinerary post guys! We covered Venice for you but promised Florence. So TA-DA. Of course if you have anything to add to this post, PLZ DO. We love hearing your recommendations.

I very much plan on going to Florence again. If not for the beautiful sights, for the heart- ( YES HEART ) shaped pizza. Literal best pizza EVER. I could have eaten ten. Seriously if I lived there I would for sure be 20 pounds heavier than I am…just because of the pizza.

Anyway, I’ll let Mr. Travel Guru, Michael take it away. He really delivered with Florence. We hope this helps if you guys make the trip to Florence! As always, leave any questions or suggestions below. Ok, here’s Michael:

Last month I took Lauryn to Italy for her birthday and we hit Venice and Florence. I followed up with the Venice itinerary and wanted to provide our tips for Florence as well.

Ok, so I’m going to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I like writing these itineraries for you guys and I want you to get the low-down quickly and efficiently. There are plenty of sites online that will tell you about the major landmarks & museums so I won’t waste your time with all that.

These itineraries are what Lauryn & I recommend based on what we’ve actually done:

PRO TIP: If you are going to Florence for the first time, I recommend going for 3 days max and taking the train to another Italian city/location if you have extra time. The city is small enough to fully walk in a day or two. The train is really easy in Italy so why not see another part of the country if you have the time!

Ok First and foremost… get a Firenze Card

If you are considering seeing the sites, museums and galleries I recommend grabbing the Firenze card. It will save you time. No lines which can be a huge headache. This card gets you in to all the majors.

Boboli Gardens – Go here and use your Firenze card to take a tour of the gardens which are really awesome. You need about 2 hours for this max. After, grab some wine and cocktails in that area.

David – go see Michelangelo’s David and his little dingaling, it’s something you should see if you make your way to Florence and after go to the Piazza Del Duomo.

Piazza del Duomo – The Duomo is amazing, the detail is incredible. Go to the top if you can, it’s a hike though so be warned. Your Firenze card will work here as well. I made Lauryn go to the very top ( she’s scared of heights ) & we both agreed it was well worth it.

Four Seasons Bar Atrium –The Four Seasons was actually an estate owned by the Medici family who ruled Florence for many years. The property is amazing and has an awesome pool and garden that are both worth seeing.

The Hotel Savoy – It’s near the Piazza Della Repubblica. Sit outside on the patio and grab a Campari soda.

Florence has a really cool bar scene at night. You can bar hop all night if you want!

Wine Tasting in Tuscany – Florence is in the Tuscany region. If you have time one day go out and do some wine tasting. It’s a must in my opinion. If you are up for some adventure there is a really cool town built up in the hills of Siena called San Gimignano.

Gusta Pizza – Lauryn made me walk across the entire city in order to get a blogger picture of the heart-shaped pizza. It was 100% worth it though because the pizza was just amazing.

Last but not least, drink a lot of wine and be romantic. Florence is a really easy city to walk in and see amazing sights. Every building has so much character and detail. Walk around and when you get tired stop in at any number of places and have a glass of wine, rinse and repeat.

Have fun!

– michael

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13 Replies to “TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide to Florence, Italy”

  1. The highlight of my trip to Florence was near the Ponte Vecchio. Go to the bridge that is parallel to it. You know, where probably every photo you see of it would be taken. Take some wine and cheese with you. Go out on the bridge and there are massive pillars that the bridge sits on. Take a hop over the ledge and go sit on the pillar and drink wine and enjoy the stillness of the Arno and the gorgeous view. The pillars are massive, we fit 15 people on it. Just obviously be careful and don’t fall off or you’ll land in the river.

    It was amazing and something I’ll never forget!

  2. The heart pizza is cute but it bothers me how the cheese is not evenly distributed!! I’m sure I would be that Ugly American who complains because it doesn’t look like my frozen pizza from Publix. But I bet the sauce & dough were delicious!

  3. I think Florence was one of the most romantic places I have ever been and I have THE BEST memories from there. There was a bunch of stairs that looked over the city(Piazzale Michelangelo) but if you go there at night you can bring a bottle of wine and watch some people play music and watch the sun set over the city. This was seriously like straight out of a movie and so amazing.

  4. Currently on our trip to Italy and soaking in all these little itineraries, Lauryn! Thanks Michael for the help and tips! If you remember any more, throw them my way !