My Favie Links…Lately

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

I.} The world’s scariest AKA worst Halloween candy…after reading this article, I’m stickin’ with this treat for Halloween. (

II.} A pineapple/orange/banana smoothie that looks seriously delicious. Yummers. (

III.} A lovely women who absolutely adores her life at 90. (

IV.} Tips on how to keep your skin glowing throughout fall/winter { product found here & here }. (

V.} Since you guys asked about lip fillers, here’s a way to fill your sexy pout, naturally. (youtube/

VI.} Loving these layers for fall. ESP a long sleeve camo with a fur vest. Um, die. (

{ More links I love found here & here }.

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7 Replies to “My Favie Links…Lately”

  1. Love the posts on your fave links…any chance you can do a post on your fave online clothing websites? Maybe a 2 part post (saves and splurges)?

    Kallie xoxo
    Love from Canada!