The Fake Gucci Headband You Need

Let’s keep this straight & to the point. This headband that I wore on vacation is insane.

First off, it looks exactly like a Gucci one but doesn’t cost $500. & it comes in a 3 pack with different colors.

I just love a good RICH GIRL/POOR GIRL moment. Inspired by my bf, @fashionlush, these have always been my OG favorites especially when I was a broke bartender on a budget. Like literally budgeting for a Rubio’s fish taco- u feel me?

This headband is something every girl needs. Here’s the deal: even if I were a billionaire like Kylie Jenner, I would still buy this pack of headbands. Who wants to spend a gazillion dollars on a Gucci headband that you only wear 4 times?

When I was packing for France, I strategically packed the baby pink one because, let’s be real, we needed it to fit with my feed’s theme. SO for $12.99 you will get THREE- yes, 3- in different colors: green, black, & baby pink if we are being specific. This headband fits nice too- there’s nothing worse than a headband that’s all crooked, making your head look like Sloth from ‘The Goonies.’ This one is elegant, & looks BOUGIE AF. I wore it about 4 times in France & it matched well with my velvet & linen moments. SO ideal too if you hate washing your hair but still want to look like Blair Waldorf.

{ with my friend Ingrid }

It’s also very flattering for your head because if you think about it… you don’t want a headband that pops too far above your head. You also don’t want it too tight though. & there are cute bees on it- it’s just so worth it guys. Trust me.

Other headband benefits:

♡ it’s super comfortable.

♡ comes in different colors to match all outfits.

♡ has elastic in it so it stays in place.

The material is kinda like a satin type situation. Anyway, I just feel like anyone & everyone needs to know about this because no one needs to be buying a million dollar headband. Like WTF.

& that’s all I got for that.

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x, lauryn

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  1. Retro inspired sportswear was intertwined on the Fall Winter 2017 runway. Inspired by sweatbands worn in the ‘, the elastic headband features a Gucci print and is treated for an allover vintage effect.