Drugstore HAUL! Seriously > ANYTHING

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Rite-Aid will be the death of me.

I literally go in for a Smart Water & walk out with new red matte lipstick, cuticle scissors, Flaming Hot Cheetos, leave-in conditioner, polka dot gift wrap, & the latest foundation that promises “the best coverage ever.”

It’s kinda like the drugstore is a playground.

I walk in making a promise to spend $5 dollars, & $45 dollars later I’m perusing the ‘thank you for being a good friend’ cards, #REALNESS.

When I think about it, there’s actually something oddly therapeutic about roaming the aisles looking for nothing, finding everything.

Anyway, let’s talk specifics: firstly, I’ll never be a blogger who doesn’t shop smart. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer items & MAC Cosmetics, BUT NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD needs to be brand name. Some of my best finds are from CVS or a thrift store. In fact, some drugstore brands are way better than the more expensive brands. Nothing wrong with that.

This month I found so many goodies that I had to share. As usual, I’m always looking for PHENOMENAL ( NOT AVERAGE, HAS TO BE AMAZING ) drugstore products so if you have any winning recommendations, leave them below.

Now, let’s talk about eye shadow, shall we?

Here’s the thing: a lot of you have asked me what eye shadow I wear.

Eer, I don’t wear eye shadow. I wear foundation on my lids or a TINY bit of a VERY SPECIFIC, basically invisible eye powder by NYX. It’s kind of iridescence too. See:

Ok so, why no eye shadow?

Well, uhh do you remember the movie Something About Mary?

You know, the one with Cameron Diaz?

I look like that woman in the movie when I wear eye shadow.


I look like the 85 year old lady who tans with aluminum foil reflectors & her tiny dog:

makeup tips | by the skinny confidential

Yes…( love the casual vodka/soda too ).

I look like Magda with eye shadow. No offense to her, but on me it looks very dated, very 1980-ish, & just fucking haggard.

So I gravitate more towards the fresh, bright eyed look.

Also, I’m so not succumbing to the fact that every girl has to wear eye shadow. LIKE WHY? A lot of the time it gives the eyes a heavy look.

I even talked to a MAC makeup artist —& SHHHHH!!!—-she told me that makeup counters are secretly pushing their reps to sell eye shadow more aggressively because the sales are down.


Now if you look fabulous & more like Cameron than Magda in eye shadow, then by all means ROCK IT SISTA.

But I look like Drew Carey’s heavy makeup-ed friend, Mimi, so I’ll pass.

Ok, let’s talk product details.

♡ Products:

Baby Lips in ‘Pink Punch’
NYX Nude Matte Eye Shadow
NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Fortune Cookie’
Nugg Shea Butter Masks
Sally Hansen’s stark white nail polish

♡ Wearing:

Dainty rings
Fake Lashes
CND Top Coat

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Ok, I’m off…now if only I could find something that helps with swelling. I’m swelling up like a MEGA balloon over here. My face seems to be getting MORE SWOLLEN instead of less. Ugh. Wish me luck, I look like a hive of bees stung my face. FML.

– lauryn x

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28 Replies to “Drugstore HAUL! Seriously > ANYTHING”

    1. No eye shadow on in this video! Just primer, foundation, & eye liner on my lids ; ). And of course, eye lashes! It may be the lighting but I’m not wearing eye shadow in any of my videos. x

    2. Do you wear a white eye liner on your lid before lashes? That area looks nice & bright!

  1. I think my biggest monthly expense is random drugstore shopping! :/ and now that we have Google Shopping Express in SF, I get CVS right to my door without lifting a finger (including makeup!!).

    2 drugstore musts for me: CoverGirl Lashblast in Very Black (kind in the orange tube) – people ask if my lashes are fake!

    Alba Bontanicals (all natural!) Hawaiin Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser (takes off eye makeup too!)

    xx Hope you are on the mend!
    Jill @ Champagne for Everyday recently posted..What to Wear In Las Vegas + Almost Touching Mariah Carey + A Hotel On Fire!My Profile

  2. I’m not an everyday eyeshadow fan either, but I love using just a bit of the Too Faced Eye Primer in Champagne, it brightens up my eye area and makes it look like I tried harder than I actually did. #WIN. I’m going to go on a huge NYX binge when I go to the US at the end of the month, so I’m excited to get some new reccomendations!
    xo, Laura
    Laura @ Laura’s Best Life recently posted..Date Night | Summer StyleMy Profile

  3. Great video and loved your drugstore picks! I am definitely going to try out the Nugg shea butter masks, such a good idea to travel with those. And I’m a huge fan of white nail polish, at a drugstore price? I’m in! Just subscribed to your youtube channel, all of your videos are fantastic!
    Stephanie recently posted..FACIAL SPRAYMy Profile

  4. Drugstore can’t-live-withouts:
    /NYX eye liner pencils in black but also khol, emerald, purple
    /Nivea lip balm in the royal blue tube-game changing moisture
    /Loreal Volume Mascara in blackest black non waterproof in the tube with gold top
    /Colgate 3-day express white toothpaste seriously gives results in no time
    /Any eos product
    /Essie gel setter top coat for at-home gel manicure shine!

    Religiously read your blog, book, and watch your channel, Lauryn! love the grocery and drug store haul posts! Would like to see a short example/tutorial on a TSC Bombshell body plan workout soon!

  5. PLeaase please do a post on good deodarants – drug store or not!! what do u use? the secret brands and degree all have aluminum which is sooo eww. help!