DIY Trail Mix

Easy weight loss tips
Extra raspberries to add to oatmeal or cereal

My schedule can sometimes become overwhelming. To keep my metabolism at its optimal performance, I snack throughout the day. Lately I have been mixing my own trail mix. Store bought trail mix [ the kind at the gas stations, drug stores, etc. ] have ridiculous amounts of sodium & sugar.

I wanted a low sodium and low sugar trail mix so I choose “Just Raspberries” [ no preservatives or sweeteners ], unsalted roasted almonds, unsalted pistachio nuts, unsweetened banana chips, & macadamia nuts. I mixed everything together in tiny, cute containers [ they fit in my handbag ]. When I am starved with no time to eat, this proves itself as the perfect snack.

Weight loss tricks
Unsalted nuts & banana chips
"Just Raspberries"
Raspberries aid to prevent cancers
Almonds improve hair & complexion
Lose weight quick
Ready to eat trail mix





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9 Replies to “DIY Trail Mix”

  1. trail mix is my favorite before tennis work-out
    snack with a banana. this version sounds like perfection and yummy!!!