Beach Babe Time: Hello Summer! (Well, Almost)

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Today TSC has teamed up with the O’Neill women’s line to showcase my absolute favorite summertime obsessions…read on:

1.} This black number ( shirt // shorts ) is total pool attire…sexy but not slutty. LOLZ.

2.} Love this bikini because it has extra support…everyone loves a good push-up!

3.} Seriously obsessed with this bell bottoms. Like, dead, die, done.

4.} I love a good maxi. This black & white one has two slits which is sexy, fun, & sa-sa-summer-y.

5.} This beanie is perf for summertime because it’s lightweight & relaxed. Plus it’s on sale…cha-ching!

6.} I just got this skirt & I’ve probably worn it a thousand times. I like to wear it with a white tee that’s tied up at the belly button.

7.} This pretty dress screams summer. Makes me wanna go poolside with a white wine spritzer…like, now.

8.} Having a light pullover for summer is a must…& this hot number is killer.

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15 Replies to “Beach Babe Time: Hello Summer! (Well, Almost)”

  1. These are absolutely GORGEOUS outfits! LOVE the long / comfy “yoga-looking” pants (#3)!

  2. Those bell bottoms…on their way to me. (BTW the free people boots from last month are amazing) every time I think I’m too old for this blog you pull me back in…

  3. I love your blog… and love those #3 pants!! I’m 5’9″ though- do you think they’ll be long enough? Do you own them?