Ask Lauryn:

Hi Lauryn! Have you ever tried the Dirty Lemon drinks? Looking for a personal opinion on them and thought i’d ask you! 30. April 2019

Only a few sips! Need to try them more. I liked them when I tasted them : ). They’re so cute too- good branding. x

Would Michael be able to share his skin routine? I am trying to convince my boyfriend to start taking care of his skin but of course he is hesitant and wants to apply the least amount of product possible. Thank you!! 17. April 2019

YES. This is happening. He’s taking forever but I promise it will happen. Lots of Dr. Dennis Gross, Elemis, and Kate Somerville. I think he will do a podcast on it.

Hi Lauryn! Love you so much. I’m traveling to San Diego with my boyfriend (for an anniversary trip). I’d love some recommendations… to do, to eat, to see, whatever you’re willing to offer! XO 17. April 2019

HEY GIRL. I love you too. Stalk my TSC SAN DIEGO GUIDE. XO

Hey Lauryn, I have two questions pertaining to boob jobs. 1) if you have stretch marks on your boobs before implants, do implants make them worse? 2) I am 25 and want my boobs done. However, everyone keeps telling me to wait until after kids. Not that I ever listen to anyone, but did you experience this too? 17. April 2019

1.) I didn’t experience any kind of stretch marks. 2.) I think you should do whatever you want with your body! I hope that helps <3 XO

Hi Lauryn you are the only person on the internet who is keeping it 100 about double jaw surgery, in currently in my 11th month post op and the swelling has nearly gone done on the left side but the right is still very very swollen. Did that also happen to you where the sides of your face don’t add up? Also about how long did you see swelling in your face. Thanks you new fan Hair Prince Pillowtalk 17. April 2019

YES. It’s the gnarliest thing ever. I was legit swollen for 3 years. Face crooked and everything. Finally after 4 years- it went down. Give it time. Email me if you need more advice. Just wrote a huge post it on here. x

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