Ask Lauryn:

Hi, I subscribe to the bombshell body guide and pay 9.99 a month but I have no idea how to access it. I cannot find a log in or anything. Can someone help me? Thank you 12. August 2019

Yes; email <3 x

Did you go to college? If so what did you major in?! And do you have any tips for soon to be graduates, or young ladies who are going to be starting their senior year of college in Fall 2019 semester? Lots of love xx 30. April 2019

Yes I did. For me it was a waste of time ( LOL )- should I do a post on this? I majored in TV broadcasting. My tips are to design your own life. Make sure you’re creating a strategic future by design. I did a post on this here. & congrats on graduating!! You’re a badass. x

Hi Lauryn do you have a post on tech neck? or anything about the lines some people get on their necks from looking down at their phones! looking for a solution xoxo 30. April 2019

YES! You can find a post on tech neck realness here. & then I talk about my laptop stand that everyone needs here. XO

Hi, I know you are all things skin so I was wondering if you have ever treated for uneven pigmentation or sun damage? I live in Dallas and want to see a Dermatologist for professional advice but I like to hear from someone who has tried it out first. My pigmentation isn’t bad I just like to be proactive. 30. April 2019

UGH I totally struggle with hyperpigmentation. What’s worked: no sun, hats, sunscreen, a good skin care routine, & microneedling. Those have all made a big difference <3.

Lauryn, since finding your site and podcast, I’ve pretty much bought everything I’ve heard you recommend. I have been #INFLUENCED! Summer is coming, plus a honeymoon in Mexico(!) so I’d love to get all your best sun avoidance tips. Maybe a master list of eff-the-sun essentials? 30. April 2019

THANK YOU! Yes- this is a great idea. I will start making a post now : ) x

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