Ask Lauryn:

Please, please what’s the music you always are listening to on Snapchat? 13. March 2016

Bossanova. Sergio Mendes, specifically. I can’t stop. Actually I’m listening to it now.

BPA glass you always post on Snapchat- details please. 13. March 2016

By ELLO. On Amazon. Found here: You won’t be sorry you snagged one. I use them every second.

Where did you get those cute white oxfords you always wear? 13. March 2016

Hey- Nordstrom. They’re by Paul Green & ALWAYS sold out. If anyone finds them let me know. PLEASE.

What’s your Snapchat? I love your blog! 13. March 2016

@laurynevarts, come hang out. It’ll be fun.

What’s your favorite beauty tip? 13. March 2016

Brow tinting. Clearly. Mine are like huge caterpillars but I don’t mind. The bigger the better. There’s a tutorial on TSC YouTube channel too.

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