Ask Lauryn:

Hi Lauryn! Just started listening to your podcast and I really love it! You recommend so many amazing products, but they are all so expensive. Any thoughts on inexpensive skin care, health, and/or wellness products? That could make aninteresting podcast or blog post. Thanks! 12. August 2019

Check out my IG: It’s all products that are very affordable. Also my blog has tons of affordable options. Thank you for listening! x

Iā€™m the store manager at Bandier in NY and we would love to do an event with you! Let me know if you would be interested šŸ™‚ 12. August 2019

Hi! Please email for events x.

What is the lube you always talk about and where can I buy it? 12. August 2019

It’s called WOO MORE PLAY. Use code HIMANDHER at checkout for 20% off. You can find it here. x

how was the recovery getting your screws removed from your jaw? 12. August 2019

SO EASY. Was only swollen for like a week. My face feels so much more contoured now : ).

Hi Lauryn! Can you share your thoughts on Wasa Crackers (variety-specific if possible)? Thank you! XOXO 12. August 2019

Never tried them! I like Flackers or GG crackers or Mary crackers. x

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