A Quick Easy Apple Snack

Weight loss blogger & fitness blogger in Southern California

[ 2 apples with a  swipe of soy butter & a sprinkle of ground flaxseeds ]

My eating schedule is sometimes tricky; between working two jobs, blogging, working-out, my dog, friends, Michael & family time [ !!!!! ] it’s rare that I have time to sit down & eat a full meal. I am always looking to create new snack ideas that are nutritious & time efficient, so this sliced apple snack is on the top of my list. I took this in to work the other night & all my co-worker’s stole a slice.

Quick Skinny Tip: Justin’s Nut Butter [ I like the almond butter ] is a delicious substitution for peanut butter too. And the small packets fit right in a purse or wallet!

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Granny Smith apples ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Soy nut butter tastes just like peanut butter with less fat ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Ground flaxseed contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ An ideal snack choice ]

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7 Replies to “A Quick Easy Apple Snack”

    1. Hey Meghan:

      These are the benefits of ground flaxseeds [ these are easier to digest than whole flaxseeds ]:

      + They’re high in fiber.
      + Flaxseeds create a “full feeling.”
      + Help reduce the risk of heart disease.
      + Contain omega-3 fatty acids [ these fatty acids aid in menstrual pain & help with depression! ]
      + They help relieve constipation [ they substitute as a laxative ].

      I hope that helps!

    2. Thanks for bringing this up, and thank you Lauryn for the list of benefits, was very curious about this as well !
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  1. I can so relate. My eating schedule is just crazy. I don’t really follow a schedule and it really depends on my availability and the workload. Thus, these easy to prepare and quick snacks are my lifesavers. Can’t wait to try these.