A Eucalyptus Shower For The Lazy Girl

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Personally, I love myself a life hack. Not only a life hack, but an EASY life hack.

Combined with a fab find at the farmer’s market, & you have yourself an ideal situation.

This hack is so easy, & so therapeutic that you’re going to want to run to your local farmer’s market asap.

All you need for this project is eucalyptus leaves & a black hair tie. Yup that’s it. A rolling pin would also be great but if you don’t have one, don’t stress.

shower plants beauty skincare hacks tips spa by tscshower plants beauty skincare hacks tips spa by tsc

What you do is grab the eucalyptus leaves- I get mine from the farmer’s market, because like I said, the fresher the better. Take your leaves, grab a rolling pin or something similar ( an empty wine bottle works too! ) & roll it over the leaves to release the aroma.

After this, I like to run the leaves under water to get rid of any bugs, dust or debris because I definitely don’t want that shit trickling down me in the shower. ( Again, this is why I like the farmer’s market- no pesticides on my eucalyptus leaves PLZ. Also they were only $4.39. ) I run them under the water for about a minute then shake the water off.

Then, take a hair tie & wrap it around the bottom of the leaves, then hang it upside down & wrap the hair tie around your shower head so it hangs down under it.

If you don’t want to hang it on your shower head, you could also just fill a vase with water & the eucalyptus leaves & keep it in your shower. Just be very careful & make sure the vase is secure on a ledge. No one wants a shattered glass situation when they’re supposed to be having a soothing shower.

shower plants beauty skincare hacks tips spa by tsc

Once you have the leaves attached to your shower head, every time you shower the water will trickle through them & it will create this beautiful, soothing, decongesting aromatherapy throughout your whole bathroom. It will smell like the most amazing garden.

Recently I got a salt lamp night light to put in my bathroom, so this combined with the eucalyptus at night makes my whole bathroom feel like a bougie spa. It seriously transports me to another place.

There are a ton of sites that say you need tools to make this situation happen- hammer, nails, string, scissors. Nope. I say just do it the lazy girl’s way with a hair tie. It’s efficient & quick. Honestly, I’ve had it hanging for a week & a half & it’s totally fine.

AND if you’re just too lazy for all of it, you can just buy a eucalyptus spray on Amazon.

shower plants beauty skincare hacks tips spa by tsc

Before I get in the shower, I like to let the steam go for a few minutes to get the shower nice & warm & eucalyptusy. I pop on my salt lamp night light, throw on some Parisian jazz & hop into my homemade forest.

If you don’t have access to eucalyptus leaves, you can always put some eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle & bring it in the shower with you. Just spritz it everywhere while you’re in there. You can also do this with lavender, tangerine or lemon essential oils. ( More on why I love essential oils here. )

You can switch the leaves out every 2 weeks.

“The idea is to hang eucalyptus around your shower head, so that it’s not directly beneath the water. Instead, you want it to hang around over the shower nozzle, so you benefit from the aromatherapy without beating the plant to death after a quick shower.” source

shower plants beauty skincare hacks tips spa by tsc
benefits of a eucalyptus shower

♡ helps with stress

♡ opens sinuses

♡ immediately freshens up the bathroom

♡ provides a therapeutic vibe

♡ helps provide clarity

♡ helps fight allergies

♡ looks amazing & pretty

♡ eucalyptus is known as a natural healer

The STRESS RELIEF is so major for me. To be in a calming atmosphere with a delicious smell after a hectic day really transforms my anxiety into a peaceful, calming energy.

Also having plants around your home is so beneficial. They purify the air, sharpen your focus & creativity, boost your mood, reduce stress & just create a cool vibe overall.

I found this idea on Pinterest. Pinterest ALWAYS hooks it up.

Alright, I feel like Martha fucking Stewart today- don’t mean to brag. I’m gonna go hop in my eucalyptus steam shower.

x, lauryn

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10 Replies to “A Eucalyptus Shower For The Lazy Girl”

  1. There are no farmers markets right now on KS? where can I get
    Eucalyptus! I’m
    So excited
    To try this!

  2. This is so smart — I’ve been doing a variation on this for years when I get sick, where I put eucalyptus EOs on my shower floor before I step in so I can get a nice steam. This seems like a WAY SAFER way to achieve the same benefits (without the slipping)!