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OKKKK SO! We went to the cutest, most iconic ( at least in my mind ) hotel called The Beverly Hills Hotel a few weeks ago. The hotel never misses a detail. From the branded newspaper holder to the to-go boxes to even the cocktail stirrers, the place screams BRAND.

I just love a brand.

Wait, this post isn’t about branding but if you thought it was- be sure to read this one. This post is about 5 travel essentials.

These 5 items are ones I brought to stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel AND they’re also items that I brought to Paris. So ya, I’d say they’re tried & tested. Recommendations that should all be on TSC Master List.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

Before I go off on a tangent, let’s zone it in here & keep it very much specific- K?

The Skinny Confidential’s 5 Travel Essentials:

Kid’s brush

This goes without saying, but bringing a brush is a must. Not just any brush in the world- OH NO. A VERY SPECIFIC BRUSH. One that’s for kids! You know we’ve talked about this before but if you’re new to the blog: I like kid’s brushes. Like for 5 year olds.

Here’s why: my hair is a perpetual rat’s nest. A real nightmare. So a kid’s brush is easy on the hair & brushes the tangles out in the most gentle way. This one is vintage-y but definitely for a little girl.

I ALSO LIVE & DIE FOR THE WET BRUSH. If you haven’t tried it- that’s a miss. Seriously- it’s SUCH A BADASS BRUSH. Get the pink color- it’s like the perfect pale pink. Last thing: use a good detangler with your kid’s brush. And don’t let your kid steal it…it’s yours.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential


Ok SO THIS WAS INTERESTING- I have been looking for a good foundation for 234930284 years. It’s hard, you know? Seriously. To find one that works & stays with SPF proved to be a challenge especially because I want my skin to scream DEW DEW DEW!

Anyway- I was sent this hydrating foundation to try & quickly fell in love ( in fact, I’m wearing it in these pics!! To be quick, add a loose powder & bronzer ). I mix this foundation with this caffeinated sunscreen for a pretty, glowy look. I found myself actually ordering another bottle ( plus Mimi kept stealing my foundation- she’s a heavy pourer- MIMI! ).

Of course adding a sunscreen to your face before you use any kind of foundation will help it from getting cracked. This one is INSANE for mixing with sunscreen.

OH, AND: use a BeautyBlender to apply. Point is: this is especially good for travel because it’s a hydration boosting, natural looking foundation- meaning it contains hyaluronic acid in which is filled with moisture. You can find this baby on Amazon. THANK ME LATER FOR THIS GEM ( it’s very much affordable- hello $14 bucks! ).

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

Blood orange perfume ( or any perfume )

THIS IS THE BEST AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU TRY. Blood orange is one of my favorite scents in the world. I just love blood orange candles so it shouldn’t shock you that I’m very much about a scent. This scent is light & effortless but also has a presence. It’s not some limp scent- it holds its own but it’s chic & light. Make sense?

Anyway, I wear this to workout, run errands, work, & even out for dinner. This scent is just one of my faves- I’ve worn it for years ( BIG PLUS: the boys like it- Michael always asks me why I smell like sour gummies ). This is my go-to vacation/travel scent. The bottle is tiny & perfect for the girl on the go.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

Tinkle face shaver


But when you’re on vacation you simply need a facial shaver. I mean you don’t want a situation where you’re in the sun & your boyfriend, Pete, is staring at the long black hair on your upper lip. Trust me…because Pete is Michael. I’ve been there.

Having a Tinkle razor on hand is best for everyone involved. Plus I like to shave my face in general, you know? This razor gets the job done & more. I go all over my cheeks with this. Read this post if you don’t believe me.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

Some kind of roller

ROLLERS! WE KNOW THIS! Whether it’s an ice roller, rose quartz roller, or even a facial massager– rollers are a YES PLEASE EVERY SECOND ESPECIALLY AFTER A PLANE TRIP. Even though The Beverly Hills Hotel is in LA ( 2 hours from San Diego ) I still need my rollers.

In this particular case I took the rose quartz roller ( which Cleopatra was known to roll on her face to promote collagen & keep her skin youth ). You could also do an ice roller if you’re going to be by a freezer. While in Paris- I bought a facial massager.

The point is: at least bring one when you’re traveling or in a hotel because MAN OH MAN does a new environment make you puffy. Puffy? NO THANKS. ROLLERS WILL GET RID OF THAT.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

So YES! 5 things! What are your essentials? I feel like they’re similar to these. The more effective the better.

With that, it’s time for us to go to dinner ( I’m eating way too much cheese & Croissants here ). If you have any recommendations for Paris- tell, tell. AND be sure you swing by The Beverly Hills Hotel next time you’re in LA…just make sure you bring your essentials.


+ this post is sponsored by Amazon & Neutrogena. As always all opinions are my own.


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neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential


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    1. I like both- they’re different. Also they’re different price ranges. This one is better price but this is foundation. CC cream is a heavier consistency to me. This one is a little lighter.

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