My 4th of July To-Do List

How to PREP for 4th of July: 4th Of July To-Do List

The Skinny Confidential talks 4th of July to-do list: Dessert USA flag ideas.

Fourth of July is cominnnnng!!

This means: sparklers, chips (!!!), guac, flag cakes ( every year I’m that flag cake girl ), lounging by the pool, & maybe a margarita or ten.

As relaxing as the Fourth is, prepping for the holiday…isn’t so relaxing.

I mean, if you’re anything like me you’re an ‘Errand Psycho.’

What’s an Errand Psycho?

Someone who’s constantly running errands. I.E. post office, ten e-mails, bank, market, dry cleaners, post office again, workout, car wash, e-mail, craft store, etc.

My errand psycho-ness kicks into fulllll gear before holidays. Especially before Fourth of July.

Because typically ( & definitely if you live in San Diego ), you’re rocking a lil bikini. This means a week or two before I stock my house with super, super clean foods, lots of water, & I really bust ass in the gym.

Then there’s tan, nails, blah, blah, blah. Never ends for girls!!

Like, if my red pedicure looks great, most likely my roots need a touch up. If my spray tan looks phenom, my brows are starting to resemble unkempt caterpillars.

Lauryn Evarts shares her 4th of July To-Do List

Never freaking ends!! ( Insert Emoji, throwing his head back & crying ).

Anyway, getting ready for the Fourth is no joke so here are some prep tips:

1.) Kick your workout up a notch. Two weeks before Fourth of July, I start incorporating a lot of squats, push-ups, & ab bikes. Cardio also becomes my bestie. Instead of doing it three to four days a week, I take it up to six days. Boo. I know, I know. Not fun. But hey, you know what’s not fun? Not feeling your best.

In these pictures, I’m wearing a workout get up that’s perfect for my lifestyle. Why? Because when I’m done working out I want to transition into errands/real life without having to rush home & change. This Splits59 white long sleeve top makes my life ( it’s super soft & lightweight ) and these black pants are my favorite ‘errand’ pants. Perf for an errand psycho, like myself.

Splits59 just really understands a woman’s bod. So if you’re in the market for an errand outfit, check them out & thank me later.

Also, to transition from the gym to errands for shoes, I kick off my tennis shoes & throw on my black Birks:

The Skinny Confidential talks Fourth of July.

2.) If you can’t tone it, spray tan it. I’m gonna say it…tanning makes everything look tighter…especially your abs and ass ( #notsorry ). So it’s the perfect pre-fourth errand. I like to spray tan two days before the fourth. And I ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, dry brush before I spray tan. I’m so obsessed with dry brushing lately that I think my brush has seen me naked more than Michael.

3.) Get your work done. This is something I really need to remember. It’s no fun answering e-mails on the Fourth of July, so try to get all your work out of the way before the holiday so you relax all day without the stress of work. I need to tattoo this tip on my forehead. Just saying.

4.) Eat clean!!! If I’m prepping for a day like the Fourth AKA National Bikini Day, my fridge is ready to rock. My grocery list two weeks before will include: four spaghetti squash, organic tomatoes, green grapes, beets, watermelon, pineapple, Suja juices, pasture raised eggs, wild salmon, lemon, limes, garlic, kale, spinach, arugula, etc. YUM.

5.) Antioxidants/water/sleep: To look your best take antioxidants a few weeks before, drink as much water as possible ( seriously though, don’t just say “OMG she’s so annoying about water” — actually drink it!! The more, the better ), & SLEEP. Sleep is healing so getting enough sleep before a party/event is really important in my book.

& of course, on the Fourth of July, PLEASE don’t forget tons of SPF, a huge-ass hat, & a really cool pool toy like this huge swan I just bought…LOL.

x le

P.S. Splits59 is offering a 25% off discount, site wide until 6/30/14 at midnight. Code is: SKINNY25 at checkout. x.

{ Red hat found here // fruit recipe here }}

USA flag dessert ideas: 4th of July To-Do list

4th of July To-do List. Lauryn Evarts wearing Splits59

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  1. Could you elaborate on your tanning method? Like what is dry brushing? Sorry I feel ignorant asking, but since you’re so “sun conscious”, I’d love to hear how you stay tan!

  2. Being in Australia I have never celebrated a Fourth of July, but, my god, it just looks like the most fun holiday of all (that and Thanks Giving I’m so jealous of).x
    Kelsey x

  3. Wah love this outfit so chic! I love workout outfits that I can take from workout to lunch, there are so many ways to do it here in BKK because of all the shopping so I get a little out of hand! All my love and Happy 4th!
    Courtney Bentley recently posted..Bangkok BootcampMy Profile