In My Floral Travel Cosmetic Bag ( Plus You NEED This Lip Plumper )

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Firstly, HOW CUTE is this floral cosmetic bag?

I used to be guilty of have having 3 cosmetic bags to travel but after 1.) getting all my cosmetics taken by airport customs, 2.) hurting my shoulder from carrying too much, & 3.) kind of learning how to travel, I travel with one.

This is big so it’s a real win. Plus it’s like $9 dollars.

Anyway, enough about the bag, let’s talk about what’s in it!

You guys know we are in Cabo planning our wedding, really I wish you could all come. How fun would that be? LOL. So I figured what a perfect time to share what’s in my travel cosmetic bag.

Instead of doing the typical boring list, let’s just sort of shoot the shit shall we?

Ok so pink Q-tips, they’re just way cuter.

travel case 4 | by the skinny confidential

I have a HUGE zit right now ( watch Snapchat & see for yourself ), normally my skin is not prone to zits ( don’t call me lucky BECAUSE instead I get hyper pigmentation— UGH ).

This zit is highly, highly annoying, so zit cream to the rescue. I’ve used acne spot fix since I was in 7th grade for random pimples- NO JOKE. It’s my ride or die zit product. & of course, pink Q-tips are necessary for applying the zit cream because the worst thing in the world you can do for a zit is to touch it.

I know everyone & their mom says this but here’s the real truth: when you pop a pimple the white crap in it is contagious. Meaning if you get that pimple goo ANYWHERE, & I mean ANYWHERE, it will spread the pimple. BACTERIA. Don’t believe me? Next time you pop a pimple & touch your face anywhere prepare to get more pimples.

I avoid this situation at all costs obviously.

travel case 1 | by the skinny confidential

Pimple popping tips: start with a clean face ( I use an all natural soap bar ). Pimple gets popped with a pimple popper ( this is a thing guys, found it at the drugstore, really works wonder ), I make sure nothing gets anywhere & then I immediately apply Murad’s zit cream to the zit WITH A Q-TIP not my finger.

Is this making sense or do I sound crazy?

Whatever you do, avoid the finger after the popping the zit. TRUST ME.

Also very much about their blackhead cream & WAIT FOR IT…lip plumper.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from the lip plumper. Maybe just some shine? Boy, was I wrong. This lip plumper reallllly plumps ’em up.

Like total Kylie Jenner-style.

travel case 3 | by the skinny confidentialtravel case | by the skinny confidential

Ok so we’re still on what’s in my travel cosmetics bag: I also threw in a cute Forever 21 necklace, Fashion Tape ( SO YES for every woman ), & a face massager to help with swelling. I found this contraption in Milan & I use it every day. A REAL life-saver.

Nippies are a no brainer because hard nipples are inevitable & these are essential for travel.

And then I threw in my camera ( not cosmetics, but necessary ), neon nail polish, & a teeth whitening pen!

Ok so that’s what I packed in my cosmetic bag. I feel like all of these thing are random but when you have a zit & hard nipples all of these things are kind of essential, no?

Ok, you’re up: what’s in your travel cosmetic bag?

lauryn, x

SHOP IT: zit cream | cream | lip plumper | striped top | cosmetic bag | fashion tape

+ this post is in collaboration with Shopstyle, as always all opinions are my own.
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53 Replies to “In My Floral Travel Cosmetic Bag ( Plus You NEED This Lip Plumper )”

  1. Love your site, its the only blog I read religiously. Its always informative and varied. I’ve got a great lip plumping tip I think you’ll love. Organic essential cinnamon oil! I’ll let you research it, cause you’re just like me that way. One word of precaution take it slowly, I once woke up looking like a duck! Agghh. and make sure you mix it with something else like shea butter or coconut oil.

  2. Totally understand if you completely disregard this comment since the acne spot fix is your ride or die- but in case you’re ever in a zitmergency (yep I did it) & you’ve run out, lost it, whatever it may be- TEA TREE OIL. I’ve seen your snapchat so I know you’re in the know but I swear (not acne prone here either- just an occasional hormonal little bitch ruining my face) I swab my pimple with some tt oil & miracles happen. I may just be burning the little devil off? Butttttt it works. Like swab at night wake up it has substantially diminished.

    You’re my spirit animal & Michael has become like my.. Jiminy. Like “always let you conscience be your guideeeee” Jiminy Cricket. Via Disney’s Pinocchio. I really hope you’ve seen it so you get this reference & laugh but if not- forget it ever happened. haha so thanks for all you do! I am now not only stuffing my extra cash in a “boob job” mason jar but a GET MY ASS TO FLORA FARMS mason jar! You’re the best!

  3. Been really loving your makeup lately! What lip color are you wearing in the 2nd photo? I’m in love with your top but it’s not in my budget 🙁

  4. My best tip for a cosmetic bag is one you can throw in the washer/dryer (a fancy leather one looks nice but is more challenging to clean). I always use the ones I get with a dept store free gift.
    speaking of ‘spots’ – I remember Jessica Simpson had a magazine article where she recommended putting toothpaste (Aquafresh) on a blemish, later she became a Proactiv spokesperson and never brought that up again! I think toothpaste has worked ok for me. My least favorite (not that I really have “favorites” that I love!) are the ones I occasionally get on my neck because the skin is so different there, it’s very thin and seems harder to heal.

  5. Hi!! I was wandering if you have tried cod liver oil or fermented cod liver oil. They say it makes wonders for skin and overall health and would love to hear your thoughts on that.
    Your blog is the best btw.
    Love from Spain!

  6. Where are your super cute white loafers from that you wearing with all your Cabo outfits? I’m going to Cabo a few times this year and need some close-tied options! Super cute!!

  7. Huge fan of Murad and all their products! So high quality and they have SPF in it! So key!

    I always have my BB creams, make-up primer (because when it’s hot places it always melts off) lots of hair ties, bobby pins and eye shadow paint pots from MAC because they have a high pigment of color and it looks super beachy with just mascara! Love it.

    So glad you had fun! xoxo
    Krista Williams recently posted..Embracing your ROOTS (how to grow out your hair color)My Profile

  8. Hey Lauryn! Which all-natural soap bar do you use? I normally use coconut oil to remove my makeup, but looking for a great natural cleanser!

    1. It says the disclosure at the bottom always : ). See here: + this post is in collaboration with Shopstyle, as always all opinions are my own.

      Thank you for reading! xx

  9. Ugh packing woes. I am travelling almost monthly, and still don’t have the compelte hang of it.

    My essentials tho are things that I can leave behind or throw out! Sheetmasks so easy, mini perfume (tester sized from department stores), melatonin for knocking out, and dry shamps.

    When backpacking I always try to leave with less than what I came with haha so backwards.
    Liz recently posted..Meet The Urban Analyst – The 15 Year Old Who is Way Cooler Than YOUMy Profile

  10. Let me start off by saying I LOVE YOU. Obsessed. You are literally the only blogger I follow who I legitimately value and believe their recommendations for stuff. Everything from make up to recipes, I value your opinions and really do try a lot of the stuff you recommend and usually love it. But I get confused when you talk about your qualms with deodorant because of too many chemicals but rave about a teeth whitening pen and a lip plumper, etc. I don’t know how to tell if the sponsored post is actually a real legit recommendation or if its just a sponsored post for the money (which, I totally totally understand) & I know its unrealistic to only use natural everything. But a surface level deodorant vs a teeth whitener and lip plumper filled with chemicals which you are literally consuming and swallowing. I guess I’m just curious about the sponsored posts and if you really do like it and use it and believe in the product or not. How do you decide which stuff w/ chemicals is worth it versus what isnt, etc.? I hope this doesn’t come off rude or anything! I’m genuinely interested to hear your thoughts

    1. Hi Veronica!


      THANK you for asking this. I’m happy to answer all questions. Here’s the thing with me, I’m very much about balance. I hate putting chemicals near my armpits ( something about this scares the shit out of me ), but I use MAC chemical foundation everyday because I just LOVE it. I try to balance everything like a checkbook. If I’m using makeup chemicals, I won’t add tons to my arm pits. TSC is not about being chemical-free, but more picking & choosing what’s sort of worth it. Basically, if I can avoid it, I will. Sometimes a girl needs some GREAT, chemical teeth whitening though.

      Regardless, I can assure you that every single post on The Skinny Confidential is a legit recommendation. I will not put ANYTHING on my blog I don’t 100% believe in. In fact, I turn down 95% of collaborations that come my way. Some are large amounts money but I have made a business decision to only blog about what I love.

      For the record, I used this lip plumper for 2 months before I decided to blog about it!

      I really hope that helps ; ) it’s very important to me to be completely authentic with products I’m promoting.

      Thank you so much for reading! You are amazing xx Lauryn

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